Zoos Are Here to Stay Essay

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Zoos Are Here to Stay

First of all, a definition of zoo is needed. The word zoo is an abbreviated form of ‘zoological garden’. It can be described as a display of a collection of different animal species found in nature. Some people claim that zoos are modern-day arks, saving and breeding species from hunters or extinction. Some others, regret this, they say that animals are ill-treated and forced to perform acts for long periods of time.

To start with, zoos can be educational and also help to increase the numbers of endangered species through controlled breeding programmes, also circus animals are loved, well treated and only perform for short periods. What is more, animals used in TV, advertisements and films are appealing and attract large audiences and they have a very short working life and are well-treated throughout. Secondly, animals are forced to perform unnatural acts for the pleasure of the public.

In addition to this, racing animals have cruel training schedules and are often placed in unnecessary danger. Besides, with special effects, there is no need to use live animals as realistic models can be used instead. All in all, whether animals should be kept in captivity or their natural environment is a matter of debate. Keeping animals in zoos can keep them safe. Mankind have to be conscious that we are not the only specie with life and rights. We have to give wild life the respect that it deserves.

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