Zombie Outbreak

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Imagine one day waking up and society as you know it is completely in chaos, no one would know what is going on until it’s too late to realize the danger of the situation; this would happen within the first few moments of a zombie outbreak causing as we know it the end of the world. It is crucial to be prepare and follow some rules in order to survive because the whole world will be completely in chaos therefore most of the population will not survive mainly because we are not prepared to go through such scenario.

It is crucial for the remaining survivors to live without depending on society because they won’t be any after a zombie apocalypse occurs thus the remaining civilization will have to know how to produce and use their own supplies, there’s many strategies we can take in order to survive, many of them are not for the faint hearted as people have to become more aggressive and protective over the things they care about, society would be a place were only the strong survive.

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In this research essay I will explain to you the steps necessary to survive a zombie apocalypse therefore striving in such scenario but most importantly survive in order to keep the human civilization alive through future generations.

An obvious essential part to start off the zombie apocalypse is to have an emergency plan, every household should have one in case of any emergency, according to FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) such plan has to consist of an emergency-kit that has food, water, medication, gas, duct tape, knifes, a battery-powered radio, extra clothes, copies of important documents, first-aid supplies and an emergency route that details were to meet your family in such case.

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Yes even the government has a plan on how the public should combat the zombie apocalypse, Afterwords the next step is to leave cities or populated areas as they will be the most dangerous place to stay in or to look for weapons as a form of protection against other humans or zombies but know that when using guns is better to only use them in emergency situations as they make a lot of noise thus alerting nearby zombies, a smart way to kill them would be using mealy weapons as they won’t run out of ammo and can be used effectively without training for example knifes, swords, or crossbows. Just make sure to hit them in the head or else they won’t die.

The next step should be joining or forming a community, according to “zombieresearch.org” a website that consists of scientist who research zombies say that there’s power in numbers, having a community with a group of people not only help you keep predators away that try to hurt you or steal supplies from the community but help you keep you sane in a civilization where there is no society, but don’t trust strangers as they can easily fool you and will try to use you for they own personal gain. Getting supplies will be the toughest part out of the apocalypse, while going out on run the best way to do so will be using bikes as cars make a lot of noise and can easily run out of gas, people will need to be very agile as the majority of their time will be spend running, while getting supplies is better to get them from abandoned houses or small markets as they will have a lot of supplies with little danger of zombies, the human body needs water to survive every person should receive at least 1 gallon of water per day, the best form will be from sealed water bottles, if you can’t find those just use rain water or water from river streams but boiled the water for at least 30 seconds to a minute.

In the woods don’t eat anything you don’t know.

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