The Importance of Sleep for Teenagers
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Pages • 3
“Almost all teenagers, as they reach puberty, become walking zombies because they are getting far too little sleep,” states Cornell University psychologist James B. Maas. Hectic routines, inexperience in managing time and making healthy choices, caffeine intake, technology use, and many other reasons cause many teenagers today to get an unhealthy average of six to seven hours of sleep (Better Health). Since teens are still growing and are more physically active than any other age group, teenagers have high sleep…...
Sample Speech About “Happiness”
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Pages • 3
Classmates, Friends, teachers, ladies and gentleman, lend me your ears. I’m standing here in front of you to express my deep sympathy and sorrow to those people who commits suicide, to those who doesn't value their life and to those who is lives in their past. Ladies and gentleman, let me say this to you. That you can be happy if you will only choose to be. But if you choose to be sad and stay with all the negative…...
Zombie Outbreak
Words • 653
Pages • 3
Imagine one day waking up and society as you know it is completely in chaos, no one would know what is going on until it's too late to realize the danger of the situation; this would happen within the first few moments of a zombie outbreak causing as we know it the end of the world. It is crucial to be prepare and follow some rules in order to survive because the whole world will be completely in chaos therefore…...
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Zombieland (2009) by Ruben Fliescher
Words • 1341
Pages • 5
Zombie land is a 2009 Science Fiction/Adventure film Directed by Ruben Fliescher and written by the talented Rhett Reese, Paul Wermick and David Callaham. The 1 hour 30 film follows the life of Columbus, played by the beloved Jesse Eisenberg, a shy student who is trying to reach his family in Ohio after a mad cow, zombie-filled disease spreads across America. Now Columbus isn't our every day, buff as hell zombie killing machine. Columbus is more of our everyday nerdy,…...
The Walking Dead
Words • 321
Pages • 2
A sheriff's deputy by the name of Rick Grimes carefully strolls out of his car among vacant cars and trucks scattered all over on the roadway. Slowly pacing himself, he continues to stroll through the calamity of bashed windows, decomposing bodies, and stained things. There was no one. Not a noise in the wind and not a soul in sight. He suddenly hears scuffling of feet originating from someplace. Stopping briefly in his tracks, he gently sets his hat down…...
“The Monkey’s Paw” – Understanding Plot Assignment
Words • 1248
Pages • 5
1. a) Character vs. Character: Mr. White vs. Mrs. White. Mrs. White forces Mr. White to wish for their son, Herbert, to come alive again, but Mr. White knows there will be a consequence (Herbert will come back a zombie, or such thing) and does not want to make the wish. 2. Character vs. Unknown: Mr. White vs. the knocking on the door. Mr. White doesn’t want to help Mrs. White open the door because he is afraid of what…...
Interview with a Record Store Owner
Words • 979
Pages • 4
On a less then pleasant day the weather was cold and rainy so before I left the safety of my car I turned my collar up to face the cold and made a bee line to the store so fast it would put Usain Bolt to shame. When I walked in the store I was greeted by the smell of coffee and sound of The Rolling Stones song Monkey Man playing over the store speakers with the owner of the…...
The Corpse Bride Animated Movie Analysis
Words • 767
Pages • 3
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride is about a young man who accidentally marries a zombie bride. Victor Van Dort, and Victoria Everglot, are arranged to get marriage. After Victor ruins the wedding rehearsal, he flees and practices in a forest near by, placing the wedding ring unintentional on a finger of a dead girl, who is now saying she is Victor's wife. The Land of the Dead holds many bewilderments for Victor while he learns of Emily's past story and get…...
Zombie by Cranberries – Analysis of Song
Words • 528
Pages • 2
The song Zombie is one of the most popular singles by the band The Cranberries. The song has been sung by Dolores O'Riordan, who was the vocalist and songwriter for Cranberries. Zombie was a single from the album ‘No Need to Argue’ released by the band in 1994. The song is basically a protest song against the atrocities committed by the English and the IRA in Northern Ireland during the Easter rising of 1916. VERSE 1 - In verse one…...
Society’s Curiosity of the Unknown
Words • 2951
Pages • 11
Whenever I am walking home alone, I am always paranoid that something is going to happen to me. I start to think about all of the horrible possibilities that could occur and I always feel as if I am being followed or watched. Even walking in an empty parking lot to my car scares me because I have a fear of being abducted. I, along with most people, was raised to be cautious of things like that. I was taught…...
Book Analysis: The Hunger Games
Words • 1567
Pages • 6
In the novel The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins a new country is created. Panem is born in place of North America, were the Hunger Games began. In the Hunger Games, there are 24 tributes. Tributes are people who live in the districts. The tributes in the Hunger Games are all the same. They kill one another and become the Capitols puppets. The tributes become violent, emotionless puppets. Then there is Katniss. Katniss is an excellent hunter and becomes lethal…...
Analysis of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Movie
Words • 560
Pages • 3
Michael Jackson's thriller video is a renowned brief movie and video. Known for his fancy dance relocations and vocals, the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson was sure to make this video a hit when it launched in 1983. This movie, like many horror motion pictures in its period, are established the same with bad guys and heroes, although the ending may leave you to believe there is no hero at all. It begins with Michael and a young female broke…...
How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
Words • 628
Pages • 3
So just imagine one day when you wake up and turn on the news. It says in big letters zombie epidemic has finally come. What do you do you say in your head, but you just cannot find out what to do and how to do it. Well I have four simple steps to know what to do. I memorize it in a little phrase that says, “Please remember what’s first”. Please stands for protection, remember stands for rescue, what…...
Movie Genres
Words • 514
Pages • 2
Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship Essay
Words • 343
Pages • 2
When (not if) the world is overcome with the mindless, living dead, my plan for survival will keep my brains, as well as anyone's who follows this plan to the letter, intact. First, as everyone who still has a functioning brain knows, a survivor's hiding place needs to be heavily stocked with the necessities: food, weapons, food, medicine, food, clothes, hygienic supplies, and of course, food. Logically, the best place to find such items, in vast quantities, would be Retail…...
Story “The Movies That Rose From the Grave”
Words • 383
Pages • 2
Summary In his writing, The Movies That Rose From the Grave, Max Brooks, explains how movies, books, video games, and television shows about Zombies have continued to be a leader in the horror industry for the past 40 years. The story of Zombies originated as myths and tall tales. The first Zombie movie, White Zombie, was released in 1932. During this time period, a Zombie was a living person that was made to act as a corpse. With the release…...
“World War Z” Book Analysis
Words • 986
Pages • 4
In the book “World War Z” the characters in the book express many examples of the worst and best of human behavior. We see characters that choose self-preservation, and those who rise above self-preservation and instead choose self-sacrifice. The choice to save others or to save yourself really says what kind of person you are. Although we would like to say we would be the hero and save everyone before we would save ourselves. But when it comes down to…...
Literary Analysis of Dorian Gray
Words • 1446
Pages • 6
To describe the walking dead all of the following apply: soulless, insatiable hunger, actions based purely on instinct; these qualities combined, with or without the rotting flesh, make a zombie but also can be readily applied to the main character of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. The novel analyzes the value of beauty and pleasure and poses a very interesting contradiction between the traditional views of morality and quality of life. Dorian, an aesthetic young man, is…...
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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

...Also check it regularly for infestation too. So while your wondering around in this world of undead walking corpses , don’t be stupid. Remember melee weapons are your friends and so are guns, but they attract by sound so only as a last resort. Reme...
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