Zara International Business Management

From the perspective of Classic management, since it’s mainly focused on achieving goals and discovering the best way to manage and perform tasks, and how they are achieved, like productivity, efficiency… I think Zara is one of the greatest in this field. They keep improving in it’s market with new releases, new trends, having new patterns and designs every 15 days, this is what makes Zara so famous, also because their looks were copied from great designers and they has this affordable prices, but this is another thing, but time, time is the main factor instead of production cost and advertisement.

Also at Zara, most of the clothing lines are not replenished, instead they are replaced with new designs to create scarcity value so shoppers can not be sure that designs in stores one day will be available the next… And this is due to its way of perform tasks, and its well trained team. So, the behavioral management recognizes employees as individuals with real human needs, Zara makes employees like they are part of the business as the saying says: “the union makes the force” with the integration of all the different components of the business and its people, Zara has become one of the greatest and profitable business.

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Zara’s has succeeded because the company meets the management practices with its demand. The contingency theory says that management effectiveness is contingent, that is, dependent, upon the interplay between the application of management behaviors and specific situations. Relating this to the concept of systems, of course all business has to update their selves in order to keep growing.

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Managers have to know what are the upcoming situations and what are they going to be facing, and the importance that systems nowadays has to help business bear down the different positions. Managers know that by integrating all different parts and tasks of the company with systems, the performance of the Zara will be much easier and will be done more effectively. Systems are a great help in Zara success, because they have the possibility to communicate faster, supply stores easily, and we aware of the new styles as soos as they appear on the market.

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Zara International Business Management

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