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Yugoslavia: Divided and Conquered Essay

​Yugoslavia, a place that used to be the greatest multi-nation state in the world, was divided and conquered. Many argue on how it happened, and many only thought it was just “that brutal war”. Then there are many who think that the Yugoslavian people did it to themselves. Post World War II Yugoslavia had been united, and living peacefully, the Serbians lived peacefully with the Bosnians, Croatians, Albanians, etc. But who’s fault was it? Many believe it to be Serbia, others looked at some of the world’s most powerful countries. ​In Yugoslavia, the war was horrifying brothers were fighting brothers, families were separated, innocent people killed. All of the countries were in chaos, pinning the blame on each other and one country caught in the middle, Serbia.

It was the only one fighting to stay one united multi-nation country, but the other countries did not see it the same way. Why not; because they were scared. They were scared of the biggest bullies, which sadly included a lot of the top leading nations. America had been funding Yugoslavia, then said that they would stop funding unless each nationality split up and had elections for presidents individually. This sent an out break of war, each nation declaring it’s borders, but all the nationalities had been scattered so then each country started ethnic cleansing. All of the nations had become their own countries and left Serbia with no choice but to become one as well. Later in the province of Kosovo (located in Serbia) wanted to become its own country.

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They asked for help from NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) that authorized to let them become their own country. Serbia was outraged and fought to keep their homeland, but NATO prevented them. In the end Serbia had lost their heartland the whole country was devastated. Now Kosovo (Bonstil/Urosevac) is used as a military base for American forces. ​In America, the government was signing the bill 101-513 that clearly stated “appropriation of funds for operations abroad.” There was a paragraph in this bill specifically devoted to initiate Yugoslavia’s termination. America watched as Yugoslavia destroyed itself. Then the countries started asking for help in this civil war, but America needed a “legitimate” reason to get involved; so they made everyone believe it was Serbia attacking the other countries.

The media then followed and so the government got the support they needed to go and fight. In the end, the government had got what it wanted, Yugoslavia no more, and a military base in Europe. The American people had no idea of this; they just thought the government was doing the right thing so they supported it. ​I am able to say that I understand why average Americans would think they’re doing the right thing by supporting for something they thought was a good cause. It was never their fault for being misinformed. It is like this; anyone would believe someone they trusted before they believe a stranger. Before this happened I trusted the media, because I didn’t know what was really going on. You may not believe me about what happened in Yugoslavia, but if you really look for the information you will see what I’m saying is true.

This is a story that you’ve heard but never listened to. Why should you? You were too young when it happened? I understand because I felt the same way during this devastating time. I never truly understood until I did the research for it. After that I searched for other information about different wars and found some interesting facts. I proactively searched to find the true facts about foreign and domestic affairs, because the media never tells the whole story. ​Many others in this situation of the world powers destroying countries find it essential that everyone know and act upon it.

This is not a simple matter; it is an inhumane thing to have a beautiful country destroyed for another’s benefit. This hasn’t happened just in Yugoslavia, it has happened everywhere that is easily influenced. It’s a sad realization to know the true reasons of the government’s attempts to “help” other countries. This issue is unbelievable that one little move can cause so much damage; it’s not right what the big powerful countries are doing. All this can be defined in one word colonialism: the control or governing influence of a nation over a dependent country, territory, or people. Which is exactly what the world powers did to Yugoslavia.

I am not afraid to say what really happened; when it is brought up I make sure what I say is voiced regardless of who is listening. Everyone should know the truth about what the big powerful countries are doing to the outside world. ​I feel as though my family and I are the common ground for this. The reason being is that my parents were born in Yugoslavia and then moved to America so they know how it is in both countries. I believe that I have seen both sides and know what’s going on here and there. I have all the information in my family and plenty of books on the subject, I also know how to search for the information on the Internet.

All these resources are very trustworthy. Clearly the issue is that a beautiful country like Yugoslavia went down in flames because of selfish governments that lied to their people to continue the destruction. ​I understand why many people allowed the attacks; they trusted the world powers to do the right thing. It is those who have deceived them, their own governments.

This is the same case with Middle East; the big powerful countries were only there because of the oil, not to help the people there. (These are my own thoughts) ​I believe that the reaction I’ll get from this is mostly shock, some non-believers, and those who even more intrigued as to how to stop the corruption. Though a majority will be neutral, really because they don’t understand the pain associated with this issue. They will think “it is just land, what’s the big deal?” But in the end, I thank everyone for taking the time to listen to my argument.

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