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YouTube: India

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1. Do a SWOT analysis of YouTube in India.
The site is user-friendly and uploading videos is simple.
They enable fans content and users with whom they can connect.
Copyrighted material is allowed to be uploaded to the site.
While there are some Indian languages on the site, the main language is still English.
There may be a way to join forces with various Indian TV networks that would attract more local viewers.
After a period of growth, they could sell custom advertising.

India’s local music labels may sue YouTube.
Various Indian portals that aim to provide local content to their users.

2. Assess YouTube’s growth through alliances and partnerships.
YouTube had many deals with global content providers, but specifically in India, they had made deals with Eros Entertainment, the International Indian Film Academy, India TV, and many other Indian companies to offer the most local entertainment they could find.

3. Assess the company’s localizing strategy. Do you recommend that YouTube “localize” when entering other countries?
In India, YouTube provided a larger platform in which to share more relevant content about the country’s unique and diverse culture and lifestyle.

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While English was to be the main language, they also are expanding to include some of the local Indian languages. Localizing the site to be of better use to the area seems like something obvious a company should expect to do in order to remain viable in a new market. Different countries and locales have different interests, and if you ignore those interests, the failure of the company seems imminent.

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