Youths and the Challenge of Future Leadership Essay

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Youths and the Challenge of Future Leadership

The Youths they say are ‘the future leaders’. The questions that readily come to mind is; are the youths really ready for the future leadership? Are they trained and cultured for the desired future leadership? Which precedence are we bequeathing to the youths to enable them to aspire for the future leadership of Nigeria?

As rhetoric as these may sound, the need to provide answers to these questions is imperative. Nigerian youths are engaged in so many vices that are unproductive, which make their preparedness for the future leadership questionable. It is truism that leaders, elders or and adults prepare the youths by way of showing good examples, as it is also incumbent on the youths to wake up to the challenges and prepare themselves morally and committed to the aspiration of the leadership of the future.

In his drama piece titled “Youths of our land”, Mr Austin Iduh of the Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo wrote a song thus:
Youths of our land x 3
Youths of every State and tribe
Listing to my joyful singing
Of a brighter future days
Soon or later
The day is coming
Corrupt men shall be overthrown and,
The future of this nation
Shall be in our hands alone.
On that day we all must labour
For our survival,
No more Monkey de chop
Baboon de work.

As assuring as his tone in this piece is, the day he wished for is now. Are we really ready to struggle for our survival? Are we going to take the leadership role and lead as desired for by the masses? Though, he wrote this piece long ago during the military era, his call for an over throw is not a
call for you to over throw our government.

One of the most worrisome issues affecting our youths, more especially from Secondary Schools, is the problem of drug abuse. Taking of drugs, particularly, Cannabis has become rampant among these students. The common believe is that these drugs provide courage, energy and gives added intelligence. May I inform here, that these assertions is wrong, it is nothing but imagination from the pigment of people who make excuses for taking drugs? What Cannabis does is to damage the brain, make one lose the courage that he\she seeks for and subsequently render one useless to self and the society at large. Our Youths MUST, in view of these therefore, distance themselves from the use of drugs and not to allow anyone deceive them into drugs. More worrisome is the girl child incessant drug taking. Girls of Secondary and tertiary institutions these days are more into drugs like the boys. Although, it is believed that the boys cajole them into it, but the rising rate of girls in drug is far out weighing the boys. We must therefore perfect a means of curbing these vices before it consumes us to our face.

Although, these children contribute gravely to their own down falls, the parents are not totally left out of the blame. It has become a common practice today that parents even bribe teachers on behalf of their wards in order to pass exams. This trend has taken a worrisome dimension. If not curb, will damage the school system and put our youths in grater jeopardy in the nearest future. I have observed with grate dismay how these parents do this with high impunity. Parents also watch their children form and join company of bad friends. They also will not do anything if children are exposed early to pornography, adult films and magazines. These have a lot of influence on the growing child. I therefore, wish to call on parents to monitor and caution their wards were they found them wanting.

Sometimes, we blame peer influence on the failure of our children to behave well. May I ask; are these children forced by the peers to do what they are doing? Did we as parents noticed on good time when the child begin to change in attitude? if yes, what did we do to avert it? I believe candidly that peers influence is aggravated by the child’s intend to commit the evils their peers are into. If not so, how can a well brought up child both at home and school indulge in act condemned by parents and teachers? As stake holders, the sooner we agree with this the better for us in the future.

For the future to be bright, one of the most important things that will propel the youths to be a better leaders tomorrow is what they learn today from our leaders. You may want to ask; what good examples have the leaders today shown to the youths to guarantee a brighter future? Are we on the path of growth or collapse? Is today a worthy precedence for the future leader? As we watch our today leaders plunge our wealth to abysmal standard with impunity, do you think tomorrow leaders will be different? The way out is to become a shining example to these lads. Show great respect for the role of law, be punctual to work and show respect for law.

We must wake up from our slumber to emulate the struggle of our founding fathers for one Nigeria.

Let me not sound too pessimistic about the future of our youths. As we pray fervently for the future to be better, am confident that our youths will stand up to the clarion call to be faithful and loyal to their father land, to be honest and good compatriots, good ambassadors of the nation where ever they find themselves.

Charles Jiduwah, in his write-up “Nigerian Youths, what kind of leaders tomorrow” Viewed the future rather on pessimistic note thus: “To be honest, I think the future leadership in Nigeria will not be too different than what it is today. Unfortunately, the bulk of today’s leadership in Nigeria is dishonest, eccentric, illogical, corrupt from top to bottom, dictatorial in essence, ego-centric and self-serving; to say the least. The future leadership, if at all we can call it so, will be following the footsteps of today’s leaders and will be no different than their predecessors.

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