Youth Problems in Malaysia

Before going further to the case study, it is important for us to know the definition of the word youth. Who can be regarded as youth As defined in the 1997 National Youth Development Policy, youth are those persons ranged between the ages of 15-40. However, the policy also specifies that youth development programs and activities shall be focused on youth aged 18 – 25. As for those group of people under the age of the 18 years old, they are often being regarded as children.

This is in line with Malaysia’s legislation namely Child Act 2001 [Act 611]. It is also worth to note that according to Malaysia Demographic Profile, as to 2018, almost 17% out of 32 million Malaysia’s population was the youth ages 15-24 with the number of boys a little bit higher than girls. The exact composition of youth was 16.8 percent, which was 5.4 million youth out of the current population. The number of male youth which is 2.

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67 million persons is more than females which is 2.59 million persons and the perfect ratio is 1.03 males of 1 female.

There are social problems existed in the society which can heavily affected and influenced the youth. Any criminal activities like drugs, theft and sexual violence can easily affect the youth. Too young and immature, the youth can easily influence by their negative surrounding and lead them to commit crime, unwanted pregnancy and drug abuse. These problems are common to us which is not only affecting the society in Malaysia but also the society in the world. It is nave to say that certain society did not solve such problem and this will extend it to another society.

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Such a problem is not something new as it has also happened to past generation until today. A lot of concern issues have been there but it was not seriously examined and properly address. However, due several major events happen in our country, it started to open the eyes of Malaysian to find the solution of the problem.

Among the major events which have catch the Malaysian society eye to the social problem affecting the youth in the country can be summarized by referring to the following reported cases which had happen recently. On 7 February 2019, a baby was found dead in the back of garbage lorry at Presint 18, Putrajaya. A girl, her boyfriend and her father was arrested in connection with the baby. Investigation found the girl wrapped the baby in towel and blankets with the baby’s mouth covered before stuffing it into a school bag. The teenager’s father then threw the baby with the rest of thrash at a nearby garbage collection site in the housing area.

The case is being investigated under section 318 of the Penal Code for concealing a birth and secretly disposing of it. Less than two weeks after the first event, on 26 February 2019, police arrested four tertiary students suspected of being drug traffickers in the Matang, Kuching vicinity and seized RM10,576 of cannabis. The suspects aged 21-24 years were also tested positive for drugs. Police raided found eleven transparent plastic packets and compressed cannabis in bottles, tin cans and boxes weighing 264.41 gram. Cannabis blenders, young cannabis plants and weighing scales were also seized. Sarawak Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department Chief Supt Sahar Abd Latif said the initial investigations found that the suspects had started trafficking drugs from the beginning of the year.

The case is being investigated under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 and carries a death sentence, if convicted. After that case, just recently on 22 March 2019, a 16 years old student was beaten up by three of his schoolmates because he refused to join their gang and he was sustained severe injuries. It was happened while the youth was standing at the roadside at Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai and waiting for his friends. Suddenly, seven of his schoolmates in six cars pulled up in front of him and dragged him into a car. His head was covered and someone used a knife to threaten him. They asked him join the gang but he refused to do so. After that, they brought him to an oil palm plantation and proceeded to beat him up. He was then abandoned by them and he sustained severe injuries on his head while two of his fingers were broken.

Following a report to the police, the three teenagers aged between 16-18 years old was arrested. The case is investigated under Section 148 and Section 326 of the Penal Code. Though the given statistic shows a declined of cases on such issues, it must be noted that a lot of unreported issues around the country did not counted. Since it was committed by children, there was possibility the case was settle by their guardian when it comes to the case that is less serious. There was a lot of causes identifiable that can rise such problems. Without taking an efforts or proper steps to overcome the problem it will eventually influence the youth. The main cause is the ways their family threat the children will influence their growth.

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