Youth is not a Time of Life Essay

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Youth is not a Time of Life

Youth is not a Time of Life – it is a State of Mind. It is the temperamental Predominance of courage over timidity.
The youth of today are not alien to anyone of us. According to some, the way our youth are faring directly classifies them as a serious problem of society.

But I would like to ask these people,that how can modern youth be a problem of society when the same youth is very much a part of society? Something which coexists and relates to our social order is to be called part of the society and so cannot be classified as a problem. The problems, which these unthinking few or many speak of, do not lie in these young people. The problems lie in the ways in which they have been guided or rather misguided.

Many would agree that the “Western Cultural Invasion” has just left our youth clad in torn jeans and T-shirts with their heads up in the way in which they have been brought up. Children should be made to learn to distinguish between right and wrong and this responsibility lies on the shoulders of their elders. Today, an over whelming majority of the population of Pakistan is under privileged. The youth of this population does not have the means to develop and expand their horizons.

Hammed in by conservative backgrounds, smothered by immoral values and then left entirely on their own, these youth are being transpired by the society they live in. So it is wrong to make the youth the scapegoat for our own crime neglect. Our youth is an integral part of our society there is no denying that. Without them, there would be no hope left at all for the future. With proper guidance the youth of today can shape up to become the leaders of tomorrow. And to become that, our youth today needs role models more than they need critics. “Youth walked slowly ahead of me

Leading the way to the Dawn
And I followed
For the child is father to the man.”
(Khalil Jibran)

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