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Developing yourself as an effective Human Resources practitioner

I don't see complaints as a bad thing in my organisation; I think that I can learn from them so that things can be done better or I can put in place things that are missing. Feedback is a good thing regardless of whether it is positive or negative. I have set up a suggestion box in the kitchen so that employees can give feedback or complain anonymous. If an employee makes a serious complaint I wil...

Developing Yourself as an effective HR Practitioner

One of the options I chose for further development was 'The fundamentals of Employee Relations' as this is an area I feel I can grow exponentially. The outcome of this module is to enable me to understand the impact of employment law at the start of the employment relationship; understand the main individual rights that the employee has during the employment relationship and; understand the issues...

Developing yourself as an effective hr practitioner - notes

1) Discuss timeline for HR and how it has evolved to the way it is today. 2) Generalist – Employee resourcing, reward and relation more recently L&D has come in (can break this down further into categories/ specialisms. 3) Self-assessment/ own reflections on analysis, ie appraisal. (look up Myers and Briggs) – Honey and Munford self-assessment – reflect on this and see what they suggest ...

Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

To conclude we can say that throughout this report we were able to identify the 8 specialist professional areas in which we can develop our HR career and the necessary behaviours to be successful in it. Reflecting on my own experience or what I believe it’s effective we went through the different methods of communication available to you as an HR practitioner and how to handle your customer’s ...

Introduce yourself to company

Now, I am going to introduce my personality to you. First, I have organizing ability team-work awareness. I am willing to learn new thing. Meanwhile I am a creative thinker. Second, I am good at customer service skills and friendly to the customers. Third, I have a strong sense of responsibility towards the job, Fourth, I am good at manage time. Give your example. As we know, In China, Cow stands ...

Developing yourself as a team leader

However, my self-assessment showed I need to improve in developing the skills of my team (scored 2.7/5) and specifically coaching team members (scored 2/5). I also need to improve communication and social skills (scored 3/5) and specifically asking questions and listening to answers (scored 2/5). And finally I need to improve being interested in and valuing team members (scored 3.5/5) and specific...

Express Yourself Through Music

Your feelings and expressions are closely associated with music. I personally don't know of anything else (outside of first hand interaction with other human beings) that can affect me the way music does. You can either express the way you feel and get out of that trap, or you can just drown in your problems by playing the sorry blues. All my life I've been involved with music and I also realize t...

Eminem "Lose yourself"

Everyone in life goes through tough situations and I can reflect on this when it comes to school grades. As I explained in the following paragraph "It only grows harder, only grows hotter" means you have to produce better content for better results is something I can reflect on. It's never easy to get good marks; you always need to put in motivation and dedication to succeed. You need to put in be...

Identify Yourself

The beauty of the real ultimate goal of my life that I have always been fighting for is simply: to make everyone, my family, my friends, and myself happy. Studying hard, making friends, joining organizations, taking care of my family, playing music, trying new things, all that jazz, are all oriented towards one, and only one, point: creating such harmonious happiness that everyone love to live in....

Respect Yourself

Those balancing steps disembogue to self-respect that will direct people to the balance. Self-respect makes them more worthy, comfortable and happy to live their life. There will be no self-restraints, sacrifices or fakes. They will have many energy resources on their four life’s levels which are physic, emotional, mental and spiritual. With those energies, they are ready to give to the others a...

Developing Yourself and Others

Minutes from group discussions and brainstorming sessions for any new ideas generated should be kept. On future one to one interviews with the team member, the implementation of these ideas should be reflected upon to analyse their outcome. Successful outcome will indicate progression of the team member and unsatisfactory will enable to understand any barriers to implement them and support needed ...

Be Yourself

Firstly, find yourself. You can't be yourself if you do not understand, and accept yourself first. Stop caring about how people perceive you. The fact is, it really doesn't matter. It's impossible to be yourself when you're caught up in wondering "Do they think I'm funny? Does she think I'm short? Do they think I'm stupid?" To be yourself, you've got to let go of these concerns and just let your b...

The Best Ways of Marketing Yourself

All in all, marketing your self is very important nowadays for all who want to find his or her success. There are a lot of ways to market you, but there are five best ways to market yourself approbilty and affectively. Assessing yourself, prepared your CV, prepare your short speech, your great first impression and interview are the best five ways will help you to find and create your success and y...

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working for Yourself

Still, if you are one of those unique individuals with the spirit of an entrepreneur, then being in business for yourself is the only way to live. Many people in fact simply can’t imagine another way to live. Some people in this world are sheep, following others blindly. Others are shepherds, preferring to lead. Pathfinders who make their own way. If you are an entrepreneur, you are one of the s...

Advantages of Cooking a Food by Yourself

Furthermore, you can sit in front of the TV and watch an interesting TV program with family. Finally, having home-cooking at home, they are closer and share some good or bad moments happened that time. So, if you want to add relation for family, it a good reason for started to cook a food in your family. In conclusion, There are three reason support about advantage prepare of food by yourselves. I...

Introduce yourself to the class

I can contribute in interpreting readings that will be given in this course since I can have a lot of insights regarding different topics. It can also make me feel needed whenever someone asks my help about some things, so I will be glad giving you my ideas. As I will be contributing with some of our discussions, I am also hoping to learn some things from you, like your insights about the current ...

Go Blank Yourself

There are very many reasons why people drop out of college like for instance, a student may be too overwhelmed with his or her whole college schedule. Also, a student may also be overwhelmed with his or her work schedule on top of their busy college classes. Another reason students may drop out of school is because of personal problems, whether it may be family related or a relationship problems, ...

Learning To Love Yourself

So go ahead. Love yourself. Be good to yourself. Treat yourself well. Replenish yourself. You will discover that, the more you love yourself, the more you will be able to give love to others – and the more others will want to be around you and give love back to you. This is a win – win situation. Loving yourself will ultimately benefit the lives of others you encounter, as well as your own lif...

Asch 1956 “ Conformity This was a study of perception Image yourself

Asch (1956) " Conformity This was a study of perception. Image yourself as a participant. Assume that you are seated at a table with six other students. Your task is quite simple: you are shown three lines on a card and you must select the line that matches a standard line. As the testing begins, each person announces an answer for the first card. When your turn comes, you agree with the others. F...

The Benefits of Being Yourself

However, there can be a balance in-between these two sides in us. Sure it's reasonable to want to impress others and have a social status, but not to subside in a world of falsifications and lack of self-esteem to the point where we repress our true personality and our true potential. I find it a much more comfortable way to live when you're not worrying about putting up a mask to hide your true i...

Relaxation with Self Hypnosis

Slowly raise your head and without straining your neck find a spot on the ceiling and fix your gaze on this point. Keep your eyes fixed on that point, then take in a big, deep breath, hold it for a moment, then exhale out. As you exhale, breathe out any stress. Now, quietly in your mind repeat to yourself... 'My eyelids are feeling tired and heavy, I am ready to relax and let go'. Repeat this a co...

Protection From Racism and Bullying

Attitude, opinions, and the way we treat every other living thing is mostly centred on our own beliefs. Most people believe that if our thoughts are prejudiced, then our attitude and behavior will result as the same. Racism is a belief based on non-factual generalizations. Stereotyping, as the same as racism, also consists of title calling, objectifying slurs, and dehumanizing jokes. Victims of pr...

Different Types of Intelligence

Also, through Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, we can see the possible profession that we can be in the future. Moreover, music plays a significant role in our life. Just imagine what life would be without music? Our life without music would be boring. Music has the power to alter our mood. It can make us feel happy, sad, excited, afraid, nervous, and many more. It can also open up on...

Relationships in "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck

Candy was old and disabled so nobody liked him. Crooks, the stable buck at the ranch, was treated unevenly since he was African American. Lennie was a big guy but had a child-like personality. Lennie was not bright and he couldn’t make right decisions. This was why most people at the ranch did not like him. Lennie was called a crazy bastard by the others and he was excluded from activities the o...

Immunisation and Vaccination

The goal of public health is to prevent disease. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to prevent a disease than to treat it. That’s exactly what immunizations aim to do. Vaccines are cost effective- Not only do vaccines save lives, they save money too. It is always cheaper to prevent a disease than to treat it. Vaccines are safe — Vaccines undergo rigorous safety testing prior to being a...

Developing Yourself as an Effective HR Professional

At the point when experts in the human asset field assess themselves and understand that they have not hit the norms that have been laid out in the HR Plan, it makes them need to work more enthusiastically and put much more prominent endeavors so as to arrive at the objective illustrated. Nevertheless, this is a decent methodology as it enables human asset professionals to check themselves, repres...

Chemistry in Our Life

Imagine going back thousands of years and living in a world where Chemistry didn't exist. We'd be stuck in Stone Age conditions! A world without chemistry would've been painful, dull and short-lived. Without chemistry, diseases and illnesses would be spreading like wildfire, not to mention how short our life expectancies would've been considering how we could've died from just a cold!! In such a w...

Habits and Advices for Effective Writing

This is effective because it will shock the reader into action. If the reader is surprised or horrified by something, they will remember it and it is likely to cause an emotional response that will make them react. Statistics (& facts) — statistics are numbers or facts that are used to provide convincing information. A writer will use these as a tool to convince the reader. The reader will feel ...

Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

Effective team work can make a substantial contribution to reduced time and cost as well as enhanced staff motivation and wellbeing. It is in the best interest of clients to ensure that they are receiving the best service possible and that the staff are happy doing so. Service delivery varies completely from company to company however is usually based on the organisations structure, strategies and...

Always take healthy diets for keeping yourself healthy and happy

A balanced diet means you have to take kind of food in the right amounts. While taking you must see that you diet must have everything that is needed to the body. Do not give much emphasis to the certain kind of food which will not work effectively in losing your weight. You should take everything in your diet for maintaining the right health. These healthy eating plans can vary greatly depending ...

Choosing the Best Suitable Sunglasses Pair for Yourself

The primary thing you need to execute is to locate nice shades fitted on the shape of your face nicely. One of the tricks that you can consider is by checking if the sunglasses are sticking on the side of your face. Once you try the eyeglasses and never fit on your face side portion, this means you need to find a smaller size that fits. It will just fall off if you try to wear too big sunglasses a...

Learn Spanish - Equip Yourself for a Multilingual World


Remind yourself of the portraits of the Prioress, the Monk and the Friar

While Chaucer treats the Prioress and the monk with an amused indulgence, recognising that they do not actually harm their religion though they regard its rules and principles so lightly and are both unsuited to their holy vocation, being more interested in worldly rather than spiritual matters. But the Friar seems to evoke a sense of outrage in Chaucer, which he voices through scathingly ironic r...

FAQ about Yourself

How Do You Actually Learn to Love Yourself

...This can be extremely daunting, especially if they bully you. Remember though that no one has the right to put you down and the only way people will stop acting in this way is if they know you won’t accept it. Be brave, plan what you are going to s ...

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years:

...For that reason the German Lufthansa will be a good option, they are well known in the world and almost everybody gives a good feedback after flying with them. Another aim of mine is to move over to the United States. I was here for a three-week road ...

Why you describe yourself competitive

...Try to avoid vague or general answers such as "I would hope to grow with the responsibility I am offered and to develop my skills as far as I am able" or "I would expect to be in a management role within my function by then". This question allows you ...

How to Protect Yourself from the Summer Heat

...• Do not leave infants, children, or pets in a parked car. It is great to enjoy the summer but in doing so, remember to stay healthy and protect yourself! Your best defense against heat-related illness is prevention. Stay cool, drink lots of water, ...

How to Tell About Yourself in Portfolio

...To the extent student choice is involved, contents may even be different from one student to the next. Conditions of, and opportunities for, performance thus vary from one student to another. These measurement issues take portfolio assessment outside ...

How to Introduce Yourself

...Below are some affirmations to practice, for male and female. Recite these affirmations daily. Say them while standing in the mirror practicing your stand, posture and facial expressions. You can also recite these affirmations throughout your day. It ...

What is Positive Self-Talk?

...What most of us fail to realize is the fact that our self-talk has the power to influence the manner we view ourselves, besides the world surrounding us. We have two choices in terms of self-talk, negative or positive. Often, our pattern is sadly neg ...

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