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Bi) Describe the terms and conditions of your employment as set out in your contract of employment or employment agreement

1) Commencement of employment – The date my employment starts. 2) Job title and duties – I am employed as a day support worker, my duties are set out in my job description. I may be required to undertake other duties from time to time. Reporting to my home manager or team leader. 3) Place of work – I will mainly be based in the home but may be required to work at another home.

The employer may change my place of work to within 10 miles of the current location but i will be given one months notice of this. I may be required to work outside of the uk for residents holidays. 4) Warranties – I warrant that all information i have given in relation to my employment is true, accurate and complete. I agree to notify the employer if at any time i am questioned, arrested, charged or summonsed in connection with a criminal offence.

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I have been fully released from previous employment contracts. If i am in breach of any of these warranties it may be classed as gross misconduct and i may be dismissed.

5) Pay – My basic annual salary and amount per hour and overnight support rate. I will not receive sick pay. I will be paid monthly in arrears by BACS into my bank account on the 5th of every month. My pay will be reviewed periodically but there is no obligation for it to be raised by the employer.

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6) Normal working hours – I am normally required to work 40 hours a week. Rotas are based on a weekly system rota but are subject to change at short notice. I am allowed to take short breaks but the may be interrupted. I am required to work any week day, weekend, bank holiday, public holiday or sleep in shifts allocated to me. I may also be required to work extra hours at short notice.

Extra hours will either be paid or given back as time owing, this must be approved by the home manager in advance. I may be required to remain away from work on full pay if the employer specifies i do so. I may be temporarily layed off or they may reduce my normal working hours if necessary. I agree to opting out of the normal working hours of 48 by signing this contract. I must give 3 months notice to opt back in. 7) Probationary period – The first 6 months of my employment will be probationary. After that my performance will be reviewed and i will be considered for continued employment. My probationary period may be extended up to an extra 3 months. My employment may be terminated with 1 weeks notice during the probationary period.

8) Deductions – The employer can deduct any necessary amounts from my pay that i owe to them. The employer has the right to deduct a days pay for each day of unauthorised absence. 9) Holiday entitlement – The holiday year runs from 1 April to 31st March. My holiday entitlement is 6 weeks paid holiday. I am required to work on a bank holiday but will be paid double time. No holidays are to be taken over the Christmas period. All proposed holiday dates must be provided at the start of the year. If i do not use the holiday allocated i will not be paid in lieu for it. If employment does not last for an entire year entitlement will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

Any holiday not taken upon termination of employment will be paid in lieu, any taken in excess will be owed and taken out of money owed to me. 10) Notification of sickness or other absence – if i will be absent from work i must notify a senior, give the full reasons for it and the date on which i expect to return. If the absence continues for more than 7 days i must provide them with a medical certificate. I must keep them informed and advise on a likely return date. I may be required to undergo a medical examination (paid for by the employer), give written permission to give access to medical records, be interviewed by management (at home if necessary). I must complete a self certification form on my return to work. 11 ) Sick Pay – I will be paid statutory sick pay

12 ) Pension – I am entitled to join the company stakeholder pension scheme. 13) Notice – the employer must give 1 weeks notice if i have been employed for less than 2 years and one extra week for each year after that. I must give 1 months notice and may be asked not to attend work during the notice period but will still be paid and receive any contractual benefits. During this period i may be required to take any holiday or time owing. 14) Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) checks/referrals – If i am unable to continue working, subject to one of these checks, in some circumstances i may be asked to undertake a different role or duties at a lower rate of pay. Any amount paid for either of these checks may be recovered from me if i have joined the company 6 months ago or less. 15) Expenses – All expenses will be reimbursed properly if necessary to perform duties. I must provide proof. 16) Car – I must ensure that a vehicle used for business purposes is correctly insured. I may be required to drive the work vehicles and subject to their insurance policies.

I must produce correct driving documents on request. Any accidents or driving offences must be reported to the employer. Any charges incurred whilst driving the work vehicles must be paid for by me. 17) Acceptance of gifts – Gifts are not to be accepted from any resident, family member or supplier. If i receive a gift i must notify the manager as soon as possible. 18) Disciplinary and grievance procedures – Any grievance must be proceeded in accordance with the correct procedure which does not form part of the contract. 19) Other employment – i must not undertake any other duties during my working hours that are unrelated to the employer. I must not, without prior consent, engage employment with any other similar business or with any business in direct competition or, any work which may impair my abilities or be in the best interest of my employer. Any paid or voluntary work must be reported. 20) Confidentiality – I must not disclose any trade secrets to any third party unless required by law.

I must not remove any documents or tangible items which belong to the employer or contain confidential information without prior consent. Upon termination of my employment i must return any documents or items belonging to the employer. 21) Health and safety at work – The employer and i are responsible for mine and my colleagues health and safety. I am required by law to comply with the employers health and safety policy. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. 22) Positive work environment – During the course of my employment i must not engage in any harassment or unlawful discrimination. 23) Maternity and parental rights – The employer will respect the statutory rights of the employees regarding maternity, paternity, adoption, parental leave and dependents leave. Details are in the employee handbook.

24) Training and qualifications – I am required to attend training which may be in my own time, failure in attendance may result in disciplinary procedures. If my employment terminates within 6 months of starting i will be required to pay all of the cost of courses taken and half if between 6 and 12 months. If i fail to complete a course i agree to pay for it. I agree to allow the company to deduct these payments from my wages. 25) Data protection – I consent the company, and any nominated third party, to processing all of my personal data relevant to my employment. 26) Collective agreements – There are no collective agreements which directly affect the terms and conditions of my employment. 27) Changes to your terms of employment – the employer reserves the right to change the contents of the terms and conditions of my employment and will notify me in writing within one month of these changes coming into effect. Unless i notify the employer in writing all changes will be deemed to be accepted. 28) Revocation – This contract sets out the terms and conditions of my employment with the employer at the date of my signature and acceptance of it supersedes all previous contracts, arrangements and agreements between the employer and myself.

Bii) Describe the information which needs to be shown on your payslip

gross pay

the amounts of any deductions which change from payday to payday – variable deductions

the total amount of any fixed deductions

the total amount of take-home pay

the amount and method for any part payment of wage

Biii) Identify two changes to personal information which you must report to your employer

criminal offences

Biv) Describe the procedure to follow if you wanted to raise a grievance at work

1) Attempt to resolve the matter with the staff concerned. 2) Raise the matter with a senior member of staff putting the complaint in writing. If the complaint is with a senior member of staff raise it with another. 3) Attend a grievance meeting. Usually within 10 days of the grievance being lodged. 4) I may be accompanied by a work colleague or a trade union official, if they are unable to attend on the date i am able to propose an alternative date within 5 working days of the original date. 5) Following the hearing i have the right to appeal the decision to the quality and performance manager. I must appeal within 5 days in writing. An appeal hearing will then take place as soon as possible.

Bv) Explain the agreed ways of working with your employer in relation to the following areas

Data Protection – I must expressly permit to the processing of all or any personal data relevant to my employment, by the company and/or any agent or third party nominated by the company. Grievance – I must attempt to resolve the matter first with the staff concerned, if i am unable to resolve the issue i must then raise it with a senior member of staff putting it in writing with the full details of my complaint. Any written details must be produced no later than 24 hours before the hearing. I will then attend a grievance hearing. If i choose to bring a companion i must introduce them. If i wish to appeal i must do so within 5 working days of the decision. Conflict management – We do not have a conflict management policy at present. I should refer to the grievance procedure.

Anti discriminatory practice – I must not discriminate against any resident on the grounds of age, race, religion or belief, disability, marital status, pregnancy or maternity, gender, gender reassignment or sexual orientation. Health and safety – I must comply with any safety instructions and directions issued by the company. Take reasonable care for my health and safety, and that of others, by observing safety rules applicable to me. Report and co-operate in investigations of accidents or incidents that have led to injury. Use equipment or protective clothing provided in accordance with training or instructions. Report any potential risk or hazard or malfunction of equipment to a senior member of staff. Confidentiality – Confidential information must not be disclosed to any third party without the written consent of the resident or appointed advocate unless considered to be in the best interest of the residents well-being, or is required for compliance with the law. In the latter cases, matters must always first be referred directly to a senior member of staff.

Whistleblowing – I must report any wrongdoing by the company and it’s employees to a senior member of staff in writing. Attend an investigation meeting and then attend another to see how the company propose to deal with the matter. If i am unhappy with the outcome i should then refer the complaint in writing to the Quality and Performance Manager. If i feel the complaint has not been dealt with quickly enough or correctly i should refer it to the Care Quality Commission.

Bvi) Explain how your role contributes to the overall delivery of the service provided

Everything i do contributes to the overall delivery of the service. I strive to provide the highest quality of care by ensuring that i understand and am up to date with residents’ care plans. This means that i am providing them with everything they need/want and understand their likes and dislikes, medical, mobility and communication requirements. In turn this will mean that they are being cared for correctly and are hopefully happy.

Bvii) Explain how you could influence the quality of the service provided by:

Following best practice within your role – As long as i follow best practices i can enable a safe environment where people’s’ wishes are always respected in a dignified manner and they have the ability to make a complaint easily if necessary. I can provide them with person centred care and request regular feedback from them and their families to ensure that they are happy. If i report clearly then i am helping the process of reviewing information which is necessary for the continuation of the best care possible and also helps to identify accountability. I conduct myself in a professional manner at all times to ensure confidence and have a cheery disposition which helps the overall positivity of the residents and staff.

I keep up to date with policies, procedures and training so that i am equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to maintain a safe and professional environment. I keep up to date with care plans so that i am aware of all current requirements for our residents and so that i can deliver a person centred experience resulting in their confidence, overall happiness and good health and safety. I also have a responsibility in the reviewing and updating of these care plans on a monthly basis because, as a keyworker, i am best placed to notice changes necessary and report back to seniors and other staff members.These changes are important because people’s needs can change dramatically over time and we must change with them.

Not Carrying out the requirements of your role – If i do not carry out the requirements of my role residents would be neglected and have a worse quality of life, staff would be under more pressure and the homes reputation would be damaged along with my own. The resident and their families would lose confidence in me and may remove them from the home. I may also face legal action, potentially lose my job and never be able to work in care again.

Bviii) Describe how your own work must be influenced by national factors such as Codes of Practice, National Occupational Standards, Legislation and Government Initiatives

I must follow the codes of practice because they have been set out in order to raise standards and increase public protection. National Occupational Standards define my role and are an important and clear benchmark for qualifications i need to achieve. Legislation is extremely important for me to follow as failure to do so could result in legal action being taken against myself or the home. Government initiatives seek to ensure that people have everything they need to ensure equality and fair treatment, they aim to provide people with a fair and better future and therefore i should naturally be keeping them in mind every day.


a) Identify two different representative bodies which influence your area of work


b) HSE – are an independent regulator and act in the public interest to reduce work-related death and serious injury across Great Britain’s workplaces. CQC – are responsible for checking that all places providing care are meeting national standards.

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