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Your Productivity Levels Depend On What You Eat

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (523 words)
Categories: A Healthy Diet, Food And Nutrition, Importance Of Nutrition, Nutrition
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Nutrition is really important to be healthy from eating healthy and exercising. It helps maintains good health for your heart. When you’re being healthy, you’re having a proper diet, if you don’t eat healthily and don’t exercise you would have heart diseases, high blood pressure, or diabetes. The choices individuals have an influence on whether they will be healthy or not. Overall, health is influenced by the foods you eat, the exercise you do, and other lifestyle choices.

The relationship between the choices individuals make and overall health is very important. The foods you eat can determine if you’re skinny or fat. They can also influence your metabolism which is the way you break down food. A slow metabolism can be caused by unhealthy food choices. Exercise helps your outside and inside of your body to be in shape. For example, exercise can build up your heart muscles. A good heart creates a good body.

The way you eat food can influence your overall health too. If you eat too late or eat too much, this can have a negative impact on your overall health. One of the first steps to leading a healthier lifestyle is to see if you are unhealthy and need to make a change.

One choice a person can make in order to lead a healthy lifestyle is to change their morning routine or make a new one. In their morning routine, they can have shakes or fruit juices. They can eat a balanced breakfast and also do light exercising like running and lifting weights. To start off slow or to try out an exercise that best fits you, a person can try yoga. You can start to eat salads with every meal and stop eating so many fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and Wendys. Some people know that sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle as well. It is important to get enough sleep to live an overall balanced, you have to go to sleep for 7-8 hours to have a healthy lifestyle. Nutrients are food that helps with growth, development, and having energy. Examples of healthy foods people should eat spinach, broccoli, avocados, carrots, bananas, blueberries, oranges, strawberries, etc. People eat healthy food at least three times per day which is breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some people eat unhealthily and who don’t have a proper diet.

Examples of unhealthy food are Chips, Candy Bars, food that has a lot of oil, sugary drinks, and the food people would get from fast-food restaurants. People shouldn’t eat unhealthy food every day. Some people have healthy habits. Some example of healthy habits is to start your day with don’t skip breakfast, drink a lot of water, doing exercise, and staying away from eating unhealthy food. People should do these healthy habits daily. It’s good to do something every day to make you productive and live a healthy lifestyle. Some people have unhealthy habits that are skipping breakfast, not drinking water, not doing exercise, and eating a lot of unhealthy food. People should not do these unhealthy habits it is not good for your body, and you’re not being productive.

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