Your parents’ attitude toward Essay

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Your parents’ attitude toward

City dwellers and country dwellers have familiar traditional cultures and develop history; they also live in a country. Although there are several similarities between city dwellers and country dwellers, there are also some very important differences so that city residents and country residents have differentiation obviously

The first difference between city dwellers and country dwellers is life style. Life style of city dwellers is not friendly and close; each family has a particular style and they are not interesting in each other. Moreover, city dwellers are not close and honest because many people in different provinces who come to large city include kinds of people inside it has good person and bad person. Furthermore, city residents have complicated life and always take precautions against bad person so that they do not believe anyone except their family. Unlike city dwellers, life style of country dwellers is rustic, friendly, and honest. They are always interesting in other people around them and they are enthusiastic to help others who face to difficult problems. In addition, country dwellers are familiar with each other because they were born and grown up together at here. When the strange people in other places come to their place, they can realize and welcome enthusiastic.

The second difference between city dwellers and country dwellers is living standard. City dwellers have high living standard. This point proved that many people have high income so that they have high living level. In addition, they can earn money easily but they can spend it easily. All things they have to buy because they cannot make it. In contrast, country dwellers have low living standard. They are primary a farmers so that they have low income and low living level. Moreover, country residents should work hard to earn money so they only buy necessary something for their life; farmers also can grow other things to service them on their farm. For instant, city dwellers have high living standard so all things can sell best and living costs are very high in this city. On the other hand, country dwellers go to market less; they can go to market one time to eat for two days or more. All things seem selling slowly and low price.

The third difference between city dwellers and country dwellers is career. City dwellers are main business staffs, workers, and businessman and they work primarily in a company and office. Moreover, they have the high educational level of the population and cultural standard. They should work the fixed time and they only have a day off on the weekend. On the other hand, country dwellers are primary farmers; they work mainly in their farm or work for other people. Furthermore, they do not have high cultural standard and profound knowledge; they do not fixed time on their work so that they have much free time. For example, in the countryside dwellers are primary older; they do not have high knowledge level.

They are farmers so that visitors arrive to the countryside to take a holiday, country residents can play with them how long it is okay. In contrast; when you come to large city, you can realize that the young generations and people have knowledge to work in here. They are always busy to earn money to support their family. When relatives visit to them, they do not free time to play with relatives because of the fixed work time.

In conclusion, although city dwellers and country dwellers have similar features, they have many differences such as life style, living standard, careers so that all people can differentiate between city and country residents obviously. Many differences between city and country dwellers highlight particular features to realize between city and country residents.

Although there are several similarities between city dwellers and country dwellers, there are also some very important differences so that city residents and country residents have differentiation obviously.

When I was young, I lived in a poor countryside, Vanson village in Binh Dinh province, with small paths, wooden houses and many vast fields. After passing the national entrance examination, I went to Saigon city, the biggest city in Vietnam, many different emotions appeared in my mind. Buildings, streets, cars, supermarkets,… are very strange and out of my thoughts. After six months of studying, I realized that city dwellers have many things that are different with the people live in my village. With some experiences, I am going to talk about some noticeable differences between city dwellers and country dwellers as mentioned below.

The first difference between the city dwellers and the country dwellers which is very easily realized is the relationships of neighbors. They have been neighborhoods for 5 years or more but they do not know each other. Not only I saw this thing but also my classmates witnessed this. At first, I felt that it was so strange but year by year I understood why city dwellers could not know someone living around them. City dwellers have their jobs and there are a lot of other relationships in their companies, their life which must be dealt with. Opposite, people work for agriculture in my hometown so they have much time for visiting neighbors’ families.

Free time is the main reason why city dwellers usually do not know someone who lives just near them. The second difference that I could differentiate between city people and country people is the living standard. Obviously, each person in Hochiminh city can get over 3000 USD per year and it is about 500 USD in my hometown, which is the reason why city dwellers have higher quality of living standard than rural dwellers. At the weekend, people went to cinemas or designed a picnic with their families and friends; my rural people did not exactly know what is weekend because all days are the working days.

Beginning of a new week, I went to the university with my bicycle for classes, I saw city children and my urban friends going to schools and universities by cars and someone who did not have a car just got in a taxi and whole things they did were to pay money. In contrast, rural kids in my village had to get up early and went to school on foot without breakfast. Because of low living standard, there are many country dwellers left their birthplaces for Hochiminh city to get good jobs and change their life. Finally, city dwellers have so many advantages for studying when others in countryside do not have enough equipment. In fact, most of schools in the big cities like Saigon city are very nice and the equipment of teaching is modern and enough such as computers, laboratory apparatus, books…. City pupils can study and practice well at their schools. On the other hand, my hometown’s schools are very small and old.

There are only some essential apparatus like blackboards, cassettes, big ancient drums and old chairs and tables. Country pupils do not know what computers and experimental laboratories are so everything they can get from their teachers is only theory. As a result, I have only seen and touched a computer when I was a student in the university. Moreover, most of excellent students after finishing their courses just want to stay in big cities and get jobs so naturally others who cannot make careers in big cities will think of countryside like my hometown and teacher candidates are not exception of this. The cycles of education had still run continuously for many years. In short, rural dwellers and urban dwellers have many differences from lifestyle to living standard. In general, city people have higher income than country people so their life is very convenient and comfortable. City children can learn in good environment with full of assistant apparatus and good teachers while similar toddlers and teenagers in countryside are lack of essential equipment. Consequently, country dwellers will leave their birthplaces for big cities.

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