Your Guide To Beach Safety Essay

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Your Guide To Beach Safety

Firstly, I am going to talk about the genre of the text I have been given to write about and then the presentational features used as well as what audiences it has been written for, followed by the main purpose of the leaflet. The genre of the text I have been asked to study is a leaflet. On the leaflet the writer has placed a logo on the left hand side of the page with a ‘RNLI’ logo written on a flag which is produced by the royal life guard. The RNLI is an organisational charity that saves lives on the sea. The leaflet has been organised in logical order using a big bold heading “On the beach” followed by a subtitles “your guide to a safe and fun time at the beach” under that lies a used picture of two younger children age between 6 to 8 playing at the beach followed by a surfer behind. In addition to this, from the writer’s point of view it should give the reader an understanding of what the leaflet is going to be about. The leaflet has clear straight forward, informative language to keep the reader engaged.

The writer uses presentational devices such as diagrams, images and repetitive icons have been used throughout such as; the warning hazard to bring to attention the sign of danger is around the corner. The use of the images are also there to bring the leaflet to life as it also supports the purpose of the text. The writer has chosen to use certain colours so it provides sufficient contrast for the reader to read easily, a combination of red, yellow and blue has been used to bring life to the leaflet and make it more attractive. Also another technique that has been used is the colour on the leaflet reflects the colour of the logo; red, white, blue and yellow. The use of colours on the leaflet are national colours which shows they are produced by the URLI. The precise colours used denote warning, sand, sea it indicates danger, advice, water.

The writer has used standard fonts such as Ariel which gives it that simple yet formal outlook and has used the right font size friendly to the reader’s eye. Specific pictures and slogans have been used to attract and engage certain readers. The main reason of this leaflet it to attract younger people because it use images of children on the front, it includes real life stories about youths which is of an interest to younger people. Simple, informative drawings, simple formats, short paragraphs, uncomplicated language, bright colours are all used to attract and relate and visually engage the younger audience. This leaflet is not to attract younger people only but to also capture the attention of adults, perhaps parents with children that go to the beach often. It might also be of interest to those who surf in the sea, general swimmers, commercial fishers and those who want to donate money and become volunteers “donate now and help save lives at the sea “It might also appeal to those who want to find out more information about the RNLI, “for further information call 0800 543210 or visit”.

In conclusion, the aim of this leaflet is to inform,advice,describe and explain, to specific audiences of dangerous circumstances at the beach. The writer has used factual information “rips are strong currents that can quickly take swimmers from the shallows out beyond their depth” this is to inform the reader that swimming can be a threat. There is a constant repetition of the icon hazard and emergency number “999 or 112” to advise you to call in emergency situations. The leaflet also describes how to handle situations such as “if you get into difficulties, stick up you hand and shout for help”

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