Your Gift Of Learning, Our Tool For Nation Building Essay

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Your Gift Of Learning, Our Tool For Nation Building

“Reading books is learning, but application is also learning and the more important form of learning. Learning is not worth a penny when courage and joy are lost along the way. One can resist the invasion of an army; one cannot resist the invasion of ideas.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been the obsession of our school to mold us into useful citizens. For an educated citizenry is what our community and our country need to promote a life of peace, joy, and prosperity of our people. Our knowledge shall empower us to contribute our share to the realization of our nation aspirations for greater economic productivity.

Surely, we won’t disappoint you from your expectations for our success. We shall put into practice all the lessons which we have drunk from your fountain of knowledge. Though how much we would like to still linger within your walls and enjoy some more the warmth within your fold, we now bid you adieu.

As we depart from your portals, we are bringing the knowledge which we have learned in every corner of our rooms. We didn’t just learned from books but we also learned from our mistakes which you were the one who’s there to correct us. We may use our knowledge in building a better nation and we will become good followers by you. Because of the success of well-known people, we were inspired and encouraged in order to study hard and pursue our dreams. We’ll surely use our knowledge in building a better community.

We will grow up to serve as partners of our elders in nation building. Our education will serve as our tool for enhancing the high technology of a changing and developing world. As one has had education, hopefully those talents and skills will improve and can develop and be harnessed towards a progressive nation. Education is an instrument for a better future and for a bright tomorrow.

Successful of a nation starts from a small unit. The prosperity of a family starts from mother or father, next is their children. The same with a successful nation, if its people are not successful, it’s not impossible to be unsuccessful. The one who leads shall know how to manage and handle his/her people and must be an example and must be a good leader to be followed by his/her people. A country will be efficacious if its residents are successful too.

Source: Modern Teacher Magazine ( i Forgot the Author and Page)

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