Your Garden Gloves Essay

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Your Garden Gloves

1. Which crew size had the highest productivity per worker? Which crew size had the lowest productivity per worker? What are some possible explanations for these results?

The crew size of 2 had the highest level of productivity and the crew of 3 had the lowest. It seems that teams of 2 work best and is why the team of 3 had the lowest productivity. It seems if you have a group of 4 individuals trying to work together there might be an opportunity for them to become distracted and have a hard time trying to stay on task.

2. After a recent storm, a customer called in a panic, saying that she had planned a garden party for the upcoming weekend and her garden was in shambles. The owner decided to send a crew of four workers, even though a two-worker crew would have a higher productivity. Explain the rationale for this decision.

The productivity of the team of 4 was not the highest but even with this being said the total time to complete the cleanup should still take much less time than the team of 2 people especially if it is a large job.

3. What is a possible qualitative issue that may very well influence productivity levels that the productivity ratios fail to take into account?

In my opinion the size of the crew may not be the main factor to focus on but instead on how well the team works together and this is an area the productivity ratios don’t take into consideration.


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