Young Women Often Face Sexual Harassment Online-Including On Dating Sites and Apps

Anderson and Vogels created a survey to show reports of experiencing sexual harassment on online dating sites. The report of the survey showed statistics of women from different age groups about: being continued to be contacted, was sent a sexually explicit message, was called an offensive name, and being threatened physically. Their studies also showed that both men and women were being sexually harassed on online dating sites.

Nicholas gives an analysis of the pros and cons of online dating. It is basically evaluating online dating from face-to-face dating.

There was a group of associates that found out that online dating is different from face to face in three ways: access, matching, and communication. It also gives advantages to the three main ideas.

Orso, A: In the 2019 dating world, nobody meets in person anymore: The Philadelphia Inquirer. This article is about people not really wanting to date the traditional way. A podcast host claimed that it is easier to spark up a conversation with someone on Grindr than saying hello in person.

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According to in 2017, about 40% of singles met their first date online. This article tells about people’s personal experiences with online dating sites. Young people rather spend their time swiping on dating sites rather than approaching someone. This can develop a fear of rejection.

Online dating is actually leading to a fast and long-lasting marriage. This article shows seven different reasons on why marriage can be successful through online dating. Point one talks about people who meet online get married quicker because people have a bigger group to choose from online than face to face.

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Point two is about statistics from Brain Institute saying that 1 in 6 marriages begin online, and the institute expects the numbers to grow. Point three is about online marriage lasting longer than marriages that met face to face. Point four states online couples have higher satisfaction in their marriage. Point five talks about a dating site called ‘eharmony’ and how two million people met there. Point six is about ‘eharmony’ statistics on low divorce rates and comparing it to the national average. Point seven is about millennials saying they would want to marry another race.

In online dating 1 out of 10 profiles are fake. The fake profiles are usually scammers that steal money. According to the FBI, $50 million dollars are stolen every year. Many fake pages and scammers fake their location and religion. Men fake their height to attract many women and women post full-body pictures to attract men that might like their body figure. People that fake their profiles either: are bored, to start a relationship, to scare one off, or for financial needs.

Perez, S: Pew: 30% of US adults have used online dating; 12% found a committed relationship from it: 6 February 2020 About 12% of online daters have found a long lasting relationship from dating sites. Many of the users 57% had a positive relationship, but others 42% did not. Users claimed that someone continued to contact them, harass, and send explicit messages. There were other users who said that they did not have a negative or positive effect from online dating.

This article was based on Dahl’s experience with online dating. Her first reason was dudes always wanting to hook up no matter what. Dahl met guys who lied about their occupation, height, salary, and pictures. She has tried long distance relationships that did not work out. Being yourself on dating sites is not always good enough. You have to pretend to get the person you want or you will end up dying alone. Dahl also experienced that looks are more important than personality. A person can be very attractive and have a bland personality.

There has been over 16, 000 abductions, and thousands of rape and murder cases committed by online predators, according to The Internet Predator Statistics. This article gives tips on how to avoid the dangers of online dating such as: staying on the app, not giving out personal information, and try not to use best looking photos for the profile picture. When it comes to meeting up with an online date in person it is best to: choose a public area, let someone know where you are, get there on your own, and do not ask personal or uncomfortable questions.

This site gives different tricks and tips on how to spot fake online dating profiles. One way to spot a fake profile is to see how many photos are on it. If they have a lack of photos that is a red flag and could mean that someone is stealing someone’s identity. Check for social media profiles to confirm the photos. Another way to tell if the person is a fake is to see if the conversation feels generic or if the messages seem automated.

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Young Women Often Face Sexual Harassment Online-Including On Dating Sites and Apps

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