Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies Essay

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Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies

Young children as well as young adults often experience different hardships growing up that can affect their adulthood long-term. Such situations include; drug or alcohol addicted parents, abusive households, and the absence of the other biological parent. Many children will learn and grow to deal with their situations differently, and learn that many situations are uncontrollable, and the changes in their future depends on how they develop through the uncontrolled situations (Miller & Joshua-D, 2011). In this paper I will be discussing the influences of life and how it’s developed a young man named Jackson. Jackson is a 25 year old male who lives in Chicago, Illinois. He has a criminal record that consists of being arrested several times, for possession of a controlled substance, but hasn’t had to serve any time in jail. Jackson’s family household consists of a single parent mom, as well as his mom’s boyfriend Michael, who tries to fill the shoes of Jacksons absent father.

Jackson’s mom Tina is a high school teacher, and has served as a mother and father figure for Jackson. A common problem with households having only one parent sometimes brings the struggle of effective parenting as well as a feeling of uncertainty of they are in the child’s identity. Jackson has grown up knowing that his father is not wanting to be involved in his life, which may cause him to feel like he isn’t good enough. Jackson’s educational history consisted of getting A’s and B’s through high school, and going straight to college to peruse a degree in chemistry. In high school Jackson had two serious relationships with two different girls who he dated for 6 months and claimed he was going to marry but didn’t. Each girlfriend said that Jackson was distant and unable to commit.

The issue of Jackson not fully committing as well as keeping a great distance between them may have been a fear of getting to close and then being left. He may have also felt that he wasn’t good enough to be loved, because his father didn’t love him back. Jacksons struggles with drugs and alcohol started in college. In college Jackson was involved in a car accident that caused a head injury, and an amount of functioning of the brain. Jackson was prescribed pain killers for the condition, which started the usage of prescription abuse.

This is also where he started drinking alcohol. Jackson’s accident caused his mind to change and become a different person. The outcome of the accident could have caused him to experience emotional symptoms, such as; increased anxiety, depression, mood swings, impulsive behavior, and agitation (Levy & Kenneth-N, 2011). When a person feels these symptoms they will commonly turn to alcohol and abuse prescriptions to take away the feeling of pain.

Once Jackson started abusing alcohol and pills it caused him to feel dependent as well as numbing the pain. The future of him abusing these will only lead to health problems, chance of overdose, and even death. He would be long term effecting his well-being state of mind, as well as affecting his grades and studies in school.

When Jackson was in his first year of college he also experienced his first sense of not understanding his own sexuality. He found himself attracted to his male roommate Stanley, and didn’t have an understanding as to why. Instead of Jackson dealing with the feelings of attraction, by talking to someone, or doing some self-evaluating he chose to leave the dorm room and escape the uncomfortable feeling of being around Stanley. Jackson choosing to hide from the problem and not face the question of identity, could have been caused by feeling scared and embarrassed to have those type of feelings.

Jacksons continuing struggle with holding friendships and personal relationships, as well as abusing alcohol has caused him to move back into his mom Tina’s house, and leave college. He also continues to keep to himself and remain at home and not work. Jackson has now become dependent on Tina emotionally and financially. He continues to live at home while attending rehab for his addictions but isn’t being held fully responsible for his own actions. Now Tina is being an enabler by allowing Jackson to be at home with no responsibility. Tina would need to understand that her son has emotional, and abusive addictions, as well as alcohol dependence. The roles have changed at this point because Tina is no longer giving correct guidance to Jackson, she is only becoming part of the problem.

The absence of Jackson’s father was an event that couldn’t be controlled by him, and was the beginning of his deep issues inside. Many people grow up with one parent or no parents and how they get through the uncontrollable situation makes a big effect on their future. Jackson’s car accident was another example of uncontrollable situations, but the usage of alcohol and prescription drugs could have been avoided. He also could have received counseling and rehabilitation in order to keep his life on track and as normal as possible, before things spiraled out of control.

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