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Young Adult Essay

My second interview I conducted over the phone with my 22-year-old sister who is a 5th year college student. She is single and still looking for a mate. Has dated some but really has not found the ‘right one’ yet. For her I focused on the young adult stage and her response to the intimacy vs. isolation idea. She commented on how too develop a full commitment to one individual you must first believe in yourself. If you don’t believe you’re are capable of handling a commitment, you probably are right.

A full commitment is more than just something we all would like to consider a serious relationship, its more of a job, something you would do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you would constantly work at it. Said that personally has not found an individual worth the time of all this work or effort. Believes that she can be close w/friends in the same way you can be close w/a mate mentally and emotionally. Seems to be in no rush to complete this stage as it seems she is waiting for “Mr. Right” to come into her life Understands that intimacy must be reached because isolation is not desired

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Seems happy for those around her who are in the midst of the intimacy vs. isolation struggle. Seems to also fear losing of a close friend to an intimate relationship. Admits to feeling isolated sometimes when it seems everyone else around you has an intimate partner (mentally, emotionally, or physically)  Realizes and sees fate of others who try too hard to force intimacy just too early or too fast Adulthood: For the final interview, I chose my father. His interview was also conducted over the phone. He is a 52-year-old male who has been married for 29 years. He has recently changed jobs and is happier with that decision he made.

He currently manages the designing and installation of laser truss systems across the nation. His work contributions mainly focus on the management portion in making sure the office runs smoothly. He also helps in other areas of the office because of the small size of the office staff that he does cover other jobs/positions when they are out of town or busy.  He provides for his children by paying for their portion of their college tuition off of a second loan Makes tremendous sacrifices, along with his wife, just so his children can remain at the colleges of their choice

Remains active in the community through the Boy Scouts of America where he is heavily involved and has been for over 10 years Church is a regular part of his life and stays involved whenever he can Productivity has decreased since both children have left the house, but still feels active enough to be happy with were things are going Finally was able to take time for himself and his wife to get away from life and enjoy one-another’s company again on a recent trip Does not feel stagnant in life’s path right now, actually feels opposite of stagnation. Finds it difficult to sometimes get away from everything because he is so involved.

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