You live on a road that is a main bus route to the local secondary school Essay

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You live on a road that is a main bus route to the local secondary school

You live on a road that is a main bus route to the local secondary school. During the cold weather, your road did not get gritted. Write a letter to the council persuading them that your road needs to be made a priority road for gritting. The council’s address is:

Suffolk County Council Headquarters
Prospects House
Main Street

Dear Sir

I am writing this letter of complaint to express my dissatisfaction with the standard of gritting which was not carried out during the period when snow and ice was on our roads.

Although I live on a main bus route which would take my children to school this road was never gritted therefore my children were unable to attend their secondary school as the busses were taken off the route as the road was unsafe due to the ice.

I would like to impress on you that this is their final year and that every day is vital to them as they are studying for their exams and should therefore attend every lesson.

Perhaps therefore in future you could make our road a priority for gritting so that busses can run and get my children to school regularly and on time.

Yours faithfully

Task 2

Having read the comments on the discussion forum, the head teacher has asked you to write an article for the school newsletter about the school closure explaining why the school remained closed during the recent bad weather. The article also needs to include what action will be taken in the future to prevent further closure.

It was unfortunate that our school was closed for two days during the period of heavy snow falls last month, this was mainly due to the safety aspects of travelling for everyone.

For example, teachers who leave their homes early by car to get to school on time to prepare for the day’s work when the ice and snow is at its worse is one reason, but when they get ready to leave at the end of the day they find their cars are stuck in the snow and then have to put themselves at risk by having to dig their way out of the snow that has fallen during the day to enable them to get home.

Children who travelled by bus couldn’t get here as busses had been cancelled, children who walked to school didn’t arrive as their paths were slippery and a danger to their safety.

Therefore a decision had to be made and it was after due consideration of all safety aspects that “The school was closed” until the weather was a little better.

Should the weather be bad next year the same situation will apply. “The school will be closed” and all parents and cares will be notified the day before or as early as possible.


You are a student at the school that was closed during the bad weather. Write a contribution to the forum discussion giving your opinion on the closure and why.

I attend the secondary school which was closed over the period of heavy snow falls last month. Personally I feel as soon as it snows everyone says “oh my god can’t go to school it’s snowing” or “oh my god can’t go to work the roads are too bad” in other words its and excuse to have a day or two off and have fun tobogganing, building snowmen or just having fun in the snow as it doesn’t snow very often so you just have to make the most of it.

Everyone love to have the time to do these fun things no matter what age you are.

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