You Have to Ban Animal Cruelty

More than 2 million dogs are killed and eaten per year in Korea dog meat trade. It takes about 90 animals’ lives to make one fur coat. These are a very few reasons why we need to ban trade and move away from animal products..

An example of animal cruelty is the Korea Dog Meat Trade..While this may be an important part of their culture, they should focus their energy on giving the dogs they keep in confinement a better life. The way the dogs are kept is unsanitary and inhabitable.

According to Off the Market, an article written by All Animals, published by The Humane Society of the United States The cages are kept in are rusted and barely larger than themselves. There are rows and rows of helpless dogs hoping that someday they will be freed from this prison. The cages are seldom cleaned. This is an example of cruelty to animals, even though the dogs may not be known as pets.

This is no excuse to allow the animals to be living these deplorable conditions. Imagine living in a room barely larger than the size of your body. You don’t even have a mattress to sleep on, just the wire floor as your bed. If you are lucky you get to eat once a day. These are the conditions the dogs are living in today. That is just ONE type of animals cruelty that we need to ban!

Another example of animal cruelty is fur farms. Fur farms are all around the world from China to Austria to write in your backyard.

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According to Out of Style, an article written by Lange K. published by All Animals the Humane Society of the United States. The foxes, minks, chinchillas (a rodent that resembles a bunny) and raccoon dogs are forced into wire holders that tighten around their bodies. Their pelts are then examined and then they are gassed or electrocuted, So that their pelts remain safe. Many designers are evolving away from real fur to faux fur. There are many pros to faux fur. For one, real fur coats range from $500 to more than $2,000 whereas faux furs range from $300 to $900. Not only are faux coats cheaper than real animal fur coats. faux fur coats also are just as fashionable. faux fur coats are made of recycled materials such as polyester or plastic or even plants, not only are you saving animals but your also saving the planet.

The final example of animal cruelty I will share with you are Roadside zoo’s. Roadside zoos, later renamed as traveling circuses. This common attraction seems completely harmless to the animals. But keep in mind you don’t get to see the behind the scenes. Masny of the tools you see the trainer use while performing are warnings that the animals know bring pain According to Cruelest shows on earth published by All Animals The Humane Society of the United States,. When a tiger doesn’t do as instructed such as continuing beyond this stopping point the trainer would grab a pole with a pointed end tool he then tells the audience that is used for feeding the tiger. where as these types of tools are commonly used to inflict pain between a tigers paws and to poke the tigers rear end. This is a great example of cruelty to the animal in undercover. I would like you to think about this statement. Every teacher every parent has the reactions to certain situations. Such as a teacher might glare at you to let you know you need to quit it out. Mothers have their signature way to telling you that she loves you. This is the same connection with the tigers and their trainers. The sharp pole means pain, the whip means pain, the glare means pain. Just with tigers or other animals the outcome of all the expressions mean pain, pain, and more pain. As you may of noticed my example has been solely on tigers but other animals need your help from elephants, lions, bears all face the same type of cruelty. We can stop this cruelty by not participating or watching the curices.

Cruelty such as dog meat farms, fur farms, and roadside zoos are all examples of animal cruelty in the world. There are places in the world that animals can be animals. A place that believes in this cause is a rescue for animals from science experiments, to exotic pets, to rescued animals from butcher situations. This place is Cleveland Amory Black Beauty ranch. The first thing first thing welcoming the animals in is a sign with a beloved quote said by Anna Sewell “I have nothing to fear; and here my story ends. My troubles are all over, and I am at home …”

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