You Decide. Policies Essay

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You Decide. Policies

1. What should be included in the exhibitor’s policies, procedures, and practices, and regulations? Hopefully, the event space will have a manual for event organizers to read and follow. A manual would be ideal to use for guidance, as well as, ensuring that all policies, procedures and regulations are followed by all guest and clients. The manual should include in overview of the venue, contact phone numbers and payment information and options for exhibitors.

Its policies should include, but not be limited to, that of parking, access into the building or loading area, displays, operational hours, passes that may need to be obtained, equipment, including electrical and emergency exits and evacuations. Health and safety practices should also be outlined. Regulations that should be outlined should be that of exhibitor conduct, and FDA regulations.

2. How do you design the exhibit floor to avoid crowding, gridlock, and other crowd control issues? Trade shows are going to attract all kinds of people from all over so you want to make sure that you design the exhibit floor to reflect that. Walkways should be accessible, any interactive displays should have a clear area around it. Areas around exhibits should be well lit. 3. What do you do if an exhibitor violates regulations?

All exhibitors will have signed a contract stating they have read and understood all rules, regulations and policies. In the event that the exhibitor violates any of the regulations, the action taken next will probably be chosen on a case by case bases including loss of exhibit with no refunds.

4. How do you communicate effectively with union workers?
I would keep it to the point and professional. This organization is one that you will have to deal with in the future so you want to build a positive rapport with them. In the event that a union worker was trying to talk to me in the middle of organizing a show. I would apologize for not being able speak at the moment but ask for them to allow me to get on schedule and then set a meeting up where they can talk and I can listen, and we can figure out how to move past the issue at hand.

5. What are some creative solutions to ensure that buyers visit underutilized areas of the exhibit area? You should try and set up your exhibits so that they have a flow. I would also try predict what the slower exhibits may be and put the more exciting more interactive exhibits around them. I may need to even walk around and suggest some exhibits to move the crowd around.

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