You Are What You Eat Essay

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You Are What You Eat

For someone, it may sound a bit ridiculous. Does food make what I really am? Ok, it is not strange that books you read can show who you are. You can be judged by the friends you have. Music you like can also show what kind of person you are.

But food?

Well, our inner world definitely plays an important role if to talk about our personalities. However, humans also have bodies – physical shells where our inner world hides. Whether you like it or not, but these physical shells are made up of what we eat. So, most likely “You are what you eat” essays are going to be about food. Surely, the description of your favorite dishes is not what your tutor expects from “You are what you eat” essay. Then, let us try to guess what might amaze tutors in “You are what you eat” essays.

“You are what you eat” essays: idea #1

Perhaps, discussing the importance of healthy eating is the very first idea for “You are what you eat” essays. Food can be not only something delicious, tasty, and pleasant. Food is something that can make our bodies ugly, our hair greasy, and our organs diseased. You would not argue with the assertion that appearance is the first thing people pay attention to. So, develop this idea in “You are what you eat” essay.

“You are what you eat” essays: idea #2

Particular kinds of food can also tell something about a person. Do you agree with it? Somebody likes mashed potatoes, while others eat only sushi. Do you think that preferences in food can characterize a person somehow?

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