Factors behind Polyandry among Nyinba: Kinship and Brother Uniformity

Which of the following cultural beliefs strengthens the practice of polyandry
by the Nyinba? A kinship perfect worrying the uniformity of brothers
The kind of polyandry in which a lady might wed guys who are not bros is called associated polyandry Gay and lesbian activists studied by Kath Weston in San Francisco in the 1980s based their theory of family ties on
The incest taboo All of the above
Amongst the Rajputs of Khalapur in the 1950s,
All of the above
A spouse, a better half, and their kids form a (n) Conjugal family
The postmarital house rule requiring a couple to deal with, or near, the spouse's daddy is called

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Which of the following statements describes the way migrants from Los Pinos handled the burden of separation from their families in the Dominican Republic?
The burden of separation was lightened by frequent communication, by visiting, and by the continued role of husband as breadwinner and main decision maker.

A nonconjugal family consists of
A woman and her children
Which of the following statements describes divorce among the Inuit?
All of the above
Which of the following may be considered a prototypical criterion of marriage?
All of the above
Marriage patterns that require individuals to find spouses within the boundaries of their own group are called
Which of the following does not involve a transformation in the status of both the parties involved and any offspring produced?
Which of the following cultural beliefs reinforces the practice of polyandry by the Nyinba?
A kinship ideal stressing the solidarity of brothers
Which of the following statements describes the relationship of Mende women toward their children?
A Mende woman's principal claim to her husband's land or cash comes through her children.
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A spousal pattern in which a woman may have multiple husbands is called
For marriage between women to be possible, a society must recognize a distinction between
Pater and genitor
The postmarital residence rule requiring a couple to live with, or near, the husband's mother's brother is called
When Leigh Minturn returned to Khalapur in the 1970s, she found that
educated brides refused to relinquish control of their dowries to their mothers-in-law
Which of the following statements describes divorce among the Ju/'hoansi?
Mutual consent was all that was required for divorce to occur.
Nicaraguan men whom Lancaster interviewed about the Sandinistas' New Family Laws in the 1980s
rejected these laws because they required men to behave in ways that were viewed as "unmanly"
In ancient Rome, divorce was impossible because
both a and b
A form of marriage in which a person may have several spouses is called
The postmarital residence rule requiring a couple to live with, or near, the husband's mother's brother is called
Gay and lesbian activists studied by Kath Weston in San Francisco in the 1980s based their theory of family ties on
In the 1980s, some gays and lesbians began to argue that
both b and c
Families in which several generations live together in a single household are called
extended families
According to Gill Shepherd, for Mombasa Swahili women,
a marriage between a poor husband and a rich wife might be more shocking than a lesbian relationship between a rich woman and a poor one
Which spousal patterns control women's sexuality more closely than they control men's sexuality?
Monogamy and polygyny
Which of the following describes the Nicaraguan cochón, according to Roger Lancaster?
All of the above
In Eugenia Georges's study, what was the most typical way in which the migration cycle from the Dominican Republic to New York ended?
After several years in the United States, the married couple who initiated the migration cycle would take their savings and return home to the Dominican Republic.
Which of the following statements about same-sex practices of people with female bodies is FALSE, according to research conducted by Saskia Wieringa and Evelyn Blackwood?
Homosexuality is "un-African."
A principle of social classification that creates groups on the basis of a set of distinctive cultural criteria that people in the group are believed to share is referred to as
Anthropologist Roy Richard Grinker found that male village-dwelling Lese householders distinguished themselves from their Efe pygmy trading partners using the same unequal gender categories that they used to distinguish themselves from their wives. This usage is captured by the discussion of gender offered by which anthropologist?
Marilyn strathern
A system of social identities negotiated situationally along a continuum between white and black is called
At the end of the twentieth century, relations between low-caste and high-caste Hindus have been characterized as
Many anthropologists accept that ethnicity is created by
Historic processes
Marghi blacksmiths are regarded by other Marghi with
An ideal political unit in which national identity and political territory coincide is known as a
The social category of race is
A relatively recent invention
When people in Gopalpur say that members of different jatis should not "eat together," they actually mean that
members of different jatis should not eat from the same dish or sitting on the same line
In 1992, the High Court of Australia handed down the so-called Mabo decision, which
rejected the doctrine of terra nullius
During the colonial period in Oaxaca, the people with the greatest opportunity to improve their status were
those of mixed background
The residents of Gopalpur believe that members of each jati
All of the above
According to Roy Richard Grinker, Lese men
used the same unequal gender categories for their wives and their Efe trading partners
In the traditional view, what is the difference between classes and castes?
Classes are open; castes are closed.
When individuals belonging to upper and lower levels in a stratified society are linked socially, anthropologists call their relationship
The economic status of any particular jati in Gopalpur
has no direct correlation with the status of that jati on the scale of purity and pollution
Nationalist thinking became important in Europe after the French Revolution because
the French Revolution thoroughly discredited the divine right of kings
In an ethnically stratified society, ambitious individuals and groups
can manipulate ethnicity as a resource to pursue their interests
The traditional concept of race in Western society is
biologically and genetically meaningless
Which of the following statements accurately refers to one of the achievements of feminist anthropology in the last third of the twentieth century?
All of the above
Marilyn Strathern argues that
both b and c
A key element recognized by all anthropologists who use the concept of caste is that caste groups are
Which of the following is NOT a dimension of caste relations that has become less significant over time?
Politics in India has become increasingly associated with the relationship between upper and lower jatis.
According to Pnina Werbner, cultural processes that lead to ethnicity are based on a politics that assumes
legitimacy of difference
Which of the following are key features of the human rights worldview?
All of the above
When people borrow ideas, practices, or objects from elsewhere, they usually modify them so that they fit into the local way of life. A common anthropological term describing this process is
Living permanently in settings surrounded by people with cultural backgrounds different from your own and struggling to define with them the degree to which the cultural beliefs and practices of different groups should or should not be accorded respect and recognition by the wider society is a definition of
During the last half of the twentieth century, the countries of ________ were the target of large waves of immigration from all over the world.
To fit the way human rights laws are written, indigenous people often have to
portray their cultures in ways that are different from their own everyday understandings
It has been suggested that the global language of social justice at the beginning of the twenty-first century is the discourse of
Human rights
In recent years, political candidates from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and elsewhere have come to the United States to seek votes from citizens of those countries who have migrated to the United States. According to the text, likely voters (who in some cases can vote from the United States; in other cases they must return to their homeland to vote) can be called
a trans-border citizenry
Arguments that pit human rights against culture depend on the assumption that
All of the above
What makes possible an Indian cosmopolitanism that, according to Arjun Appadurai, has been effective in preventing religious strife in India in the past?
An indigenized and domesticated Indian secularism
Stratified reproduction refers to
a global process in which some categories of people are empowered to reproduce and others are not
The borderland between Mexico and the United States has been a focus of attention in which of the following theories?
Globalization theory
Anthropologist Heather Montgomery found that child prostitution in a Thailand slum community
All of the above
A characteristic of Western modernity has been
massive global displacements of people
Migrant populations with a shared identity who live in a variety of different locales around the world are called
Anthropologist Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld makes the case that when Otavalo weavers purchased TV sets and indoor cookstoves, they were
trying to increase the output of their traditional weaving businesses
Anthropological studies of social, political, and economic change provide considerable evidence that
human beings actively and resiliently respond to life's challenges
In discussions of the right to culture in international treaties, responsibility for defending the culture of the rights-bearing person is
the nation-state's
Among the consequences of space-time compression is
All of the above
Aihwa Ong writes that wealthy overseas Chinese elites are loyal to the family business, not whichever nation-state they are living in. She calls this
a postnational ethos
The French approach to multiculturalism is characterized by the promise to immigrants of
all the rights and privileges of native-born citizens as long as they adopt French culture and language
Anthropologists approach globalization from the perspective of
those among whom they do their research
The German approach to multiculturalism is characterized by the promise to immigrants of
work and legal protection but not citizenship
According to Heather Montgomery, focusing attention on enforcing only the parts of international treaties that prohibit child prostitution
both a and b
Secularism depends on
a domain of social life that is "worldly"
"He's a real ROM (read only memory) head" is an example of a(n)
computer metaphor
Nativism refers to
ridding society of alien influences
Witchcraft beliefs, especially witchcraft accusations,
all of the above
Robin Horton suggests that people who construct a worldview are concerned above all to show that the world is
orderly and predictable
In some religious systems, certain objects or people may not be touched, or else the cosmic power in them may drain away. This feature is captured in the minimal category of religion called
When the president of the United States says, "Americans are waging a war on poverty," what is the underlying metaphor?
Both a and b
The principle that sacred things are to be touched so that power may be transferred refers to which of the following minimal categories of religion?
According to Godfrey Lienhardt, the Dinka use cattle as
elaborating symbols
The separation of religion and state following the European Enlightenment is called
When Azande believe they have been victimized by witchcraft, their usual response is
When one worldview is backed by the powerful in society and alternative worldviews are censored, many social scientists would start to call the dominant worldview
an ideology
Which of the following are analytic, providing people with categories for thinking about the order of the world?
Elaborating symbols
The Azande use chicken for
detecting witches
In European secularism, religion is defined primarily in terms of
Which of the following represents for members of a society, in an emotionally powerful way, what their way of life means to them?
Summarizing symbols
One issue raised in the text's discussion of the conflict over whether Muslim girls should be permitted to wear headscarves in French schools is that
there is not always a simple or straightforward way to resolve conflicts over worldview
For the Azande, deaths are caused by
According to Roger Keesing, the Kwaio responded to colonial influence by
resisting syncretism
According to Scott, the struggle between rich and poor villagers in Sedaka
all of the above
According to James Scott, occasional arrests, warnings, legal restrictions, and indefinite preventive detention are examples of
routine repression
According to Fischer and Benson, are Mayan farmers able to exercise agency under the dangerous and ambiguous circumstances that have followed the 1996 Peace Accords?
Both b and c
Which of the following statements is a consequence of assuming that power is part of the natural order of things, yet is independent of direct human control?
Power and violence are antithetical.
Which of the following terms is used by Eric Wolf to refer to the form of social power that organizes social settings and controls the allocation of social labor?
Structural power
Beginning in the 1970s, the rondas campesinas of northern Peru developed as
new rural justice groups designed to combat animal rustlers
According to Orin Starn, over time the rondas campesinas have
given Peruvian peasants the vision of an alternative modernity
In Sedaka, rich and poor villagers alike agreed that
using combine harvesters hurts the poor and helps the rich
According to Aihwa Ong, as quoted in the text, one way that wealthy overseas Chinese can avoid the governmentality of a nation-state is by
moving to another country
A worldview that justifies the social arrangements under which people live is called
During the 1980s, the scope of the rondas campesinas
expanded into an entire alternative justice system with open peasant assemblies to resolve a wide range of disputes
According to anthropologists Ted Fischer and Peter Benson, which of the following statements accurately describes the situation in Guatemala following the signing of the Peace Accords?
All of the above
According to Hoyt Alverson, most Tswana migrants whom he interviewed
led coherent and meaningful lives despite their involvement in an exploitative system
In recent years, the anthropology of politics has addressed questions about
power and inequality
Which of the following is NOT a form of governmentality that overseas Chinese try to evade?
That of the corporation
That part of the discipline of anthropology that debates issues of human nature that relate directly to the decisions of daily life and making a living is called
economic anthropology
The particular mix of plant and animal species occupying any particular region of the earth is known as
an ecozone
Which of the following is an example of redistribution?
All of the above
In the 1960s, Richard Lee discovered that, to find enough food to survive, Ju/'hoansi foragers had to work
about 20 hours per week per person
According to Marshall Sahlins, which of the following is a route to affluence?
Both b and c
According to Mary Douglas and Baron Isherwood, the distinction between "necessities" and "luxuries"
is not helpful and should be ignored in the analysis of consumption patterns
According to Daniel Miller, Coca-Cola in Trinidad is
one of several beverages that fits into local categories of sweet drinks
In many small-town cafes in Minnesota (and elsewhere, we are sure) there is a dice cup on each table, used by the morning-coffee regulars to see who pays for the coffee each day. This works because the regulars assume that "it'll all even out eventually." Another phrase for this is
generalized reciprocity
Annette Weiner argues that the role of women's wealth in Trobriand society
could disappear if cash ever became widely substitutable for yams
An anthropological attempt to apply the insights of ecology to human beings and their societies is called
cultural ecology
Which model of human nature suggests that economics should focus on institutions?
The social model
To the question "Why do people X raise peanuts and sorghum?" Malinowski would reply
to meet their basic human need for food
According to the text, the division between food collectors and food producers illustrates a distinction between different kinds of
subsistence strategies
Substantivist Marshall Sahlins, influenced by Karl Polanyi, suggested three modes of exchange that could be identified historically and cross-culturally. These are
reciprocity, redistribution, and market exchange
Among the Trobriand Islanders, women's wealth
is exchanged for yams
The most ancient mode of exchange was
The capitalist mode of production is characterized by
all of the above
Each mode of production suggests
all of the above
Anthropologist Michael Moffatt found that North American college students at Rutgers University in the 1980s
thought that friends were the only freely chosen companions of equal status in their lives
Names among the Iñupiat are
All of the above
What happens if a male Ego lives in a society practicing asymmetrical exchange marriage, and his mother's brother does not have a daughter?
He must marry an appropriate woman born to a man of his mother's lineage
The North American kinship term aunt refers to
a woman who may be related to us in one of four different ways
Enduring kin ties in Zumbagua, Ecuador, are
Kinship terminologies suggest
all of the above
The prototypical kernel of a matrilineage is the
sister-brother pair
Social statuses into which people are born are called
ascribed statuses
Which of the following would NOT belong to a man's matrilineage?
His daughter
A kindred is composed of
those people linked to Ego through Ego's mother and Ego's father
Social statuses that people attain by their own efforts are called
achieved statuses
Among peoples like the Mende, Kpelle, and Sherbro, membership in a secret society is attained by
undergoing initiation
According to Gilbert Herdt, a case can be made for the existence of a supernumerary sex or gender if
a culture defines for each sex or gender a symbolic niche and a social pathway of development into later life that is distinctly different from the life plan set out by a model based on male-female duality
In the vocabulary of kinship studies, father's sister's children and mother's brother's children are called
cross cousins
The kinship tie created by marriage is called
Among the Ju/'hoansi, every individual in the society can be linked to every other individual by
A kinship term
The secrecy in the secret societies of West Africa concerns
Both b and c
The hijras of Gujarat, India, are an example of supernumerary sex
Based on the surgical removal of genitalia on adult males
Kinship relationships derived from mating are called
Which of the following terms do anthropologists use to refer to the observable physical characteristics that distinguish the two kinds of human beings, male and female, needed for human biological reproduction?
According to Marilyn Strathern, the new reproductive technologies make clear that, in European American societies,
both b and c
Carol MacCormack describes the Thoma secret society of the Sherbro as a microcosm because
both men and women belong
To say that kinship among the Iñupiat is based on agency means that
people who do the parenting are the parents
The kinship tie created by birth is called
When Martha Macintyre went to do fieldwork on the island of Tubetube in Papua New Guinea, what happened when she found that the only person who could translate for her was a young married man?
She was made into his fictive "elder sister" to avoid scandal.
The Chilean kinship term tía refers to
female friends of a child's parents
The line between kinship and friendship is often a very blurry one because
all of the above
Kinship relationships based on birth are called
People may enter freely into relationships, and are equally free to specify the nature of the rights and obligations between them, in societies organized on the basis of
A unilineage can be
either a or b
For the Ju/'hoansi, kinship connections are
all of the above
The study of kinship became important in anthropology because
it showed how people could maintain social order without the institution of the state
Which of the following people belong to the same matrilineage?
A woman / her mother / her son
According to Beryl Bellman and his Kpelle informants, women speak of devils killing and eating Poro initiates because
both b and c
Which of the following would NOT belong to a man's patrilineage?
His sister's son
A descent group formed by members who believe they have a common (sometimes mythical) ancestor is a
An invisible force to which the Azande address questions, and whose responses they believe to be truthful, is called a(n)
Metaphors, or the symbols that represent them, can be used as instruments of power when
all of the above
If people construct a worldview in terms of a societal metaphor, this is because (according to Robin Horton) they associate the social world with
order, regularity, and predictability
Symbols may be
all of the above
Encompassing pictures of reality created by the members of a particular society are called
What is a conscious deliberate attempt by some members of a society to create a more satisfying culture in a time of crisis by defending their own way of life?
Part-time religious practitioners who are believed to have the power to contact supernatural forces directly are called
According to James Scott, foot-dragging, desertion, pilfering, slander, arson, and sabotage are examples of
everyday forms of peasant resistance
The Guatemalan Peace Accords were signed in December 1996 after how many years of civil war?
36 years
Which of the following statements describes the relationship between the rondas campesinas and the rest of Peruvian culture?
The rondas see themselves as genuine upholders of the law and the Peruvian constitution.
If the natural order of things is understood as a balance of forces independent of direct human control, and violence is believed to threaten this universal balance, which of the following consequences seems to follow?
Individuals can resist coercion.
In traditional Western thought, the prototype of power in human social relations is based on
physical coercion
The power to refuse the imposition of other people's choices is the power of
According to Gramsci, rulers who provide some genuine benefits to their subjects, spread an ideology that justifies their rule, and nevertheless succeed in protecting their privileges are exercising
According to Mary Douglas, the Jewish prohibition against eating pork
makes sense when placed in the context of other Jewish dietary prohibitions
Which of the following is NOT one of the theoretical camps in economic anthropology that make different assumptions about human nature?
The other-directed model
Capitalist economic relations were considered "free" because
people's social status no longer determined their access to goods
Sometimes Western commodities are
all of the above
For more than 90 percent of human history, our ancestors lived by
From the perspective of production theory, the tools, skills, organization, and knowledge used to extract energy from nature are called
the means of production
Which of the following describes the way European feudal societies handled distribution?
Goods and services were allotted to different social groups and individuals on the basis of status.
The prototypical kernel of a patrilineage is the
father-son pair
In the vocabulary of kinship studies, father's brother's children or mother's sister's children are called
parallel cousins
In the Calvert case, which involved gestational surrogacy, the court declared that Anna Johnson, who gave birth to the baby, was
a genetic hereditary stranger
"Good hunter" or "good gatherer" are examples of
achieved statuses
The hijras of Gujarat, India, are an example of a supernumerary sex
based on the surgical removal of genitalia on adult males
In the Latin American practice of ritual coparenthood called compadrazgo, the most important relationship is between
the parents of the baptized child and the child's godparents
Which of the following statements describes polygynous Mende households?
Wives are ranked by order of marriage.
Families in which brothers and their wives (or sisters and their husbands) live together in a single household are called
joint families
Marriage patterns
reveal differences in the culturally shaped understanding of male and female sexuality
When a woman dies among the people of Mount Hagen, New Guinea, she is believed to continue to influence the fortunes of
both a and b
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