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Yeo assignment


We choose Yeo as our assignment title because Yeo is common in our daily but we didn’t come to understand Yeo’s operation running and what product they produce. After this visit we found that Yeo not only sell soya bean and also sauce, pastes, sesame oil and instant noodle, yogurt and other. The brand Cintan for instant noodles are related to be Yeo’s company if we didn’t go Yeo and visit we perhaps never know Cintan instant noodles is come from Yeo. We also get a lot of knowledge such as how to arrange cargo can save more space and more easy to find out the position of each product. Market of Yeo not only in local and also foreign, so different country code and label also different. These experience are precious we want to gratitude manager of Yeo and lecturer giving a chance and let us learning more. In future, I think this experience will help us during lesson or in our work.

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