Yellowtail Marine Essay

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Yellowtail Marine

Coming in as a new manager, Gilcrist has a large degree of responsibility taking care of the needs of Yellowtail Marine, Inc. Gilcrist must figure out how the best way to utilize her staff to get things done efficiently as she has a full plate at this pressing time. She must make the best possible decisions to enhance the overall success of the company. And in regards to Boswell, Gilcrist has the responsibility of carrying out his tasks to the best of her ability if within reason.

Gilcrist as the decision maker of Yellowtail Marine is the new manager. She has numerous issues to address at Yellowtail Marine but most importantly she has to personally meet with the OSHA inspectors to explain the situation and bring an employee that is familiar with the company’s operations and try to reschedule the investigation. This has to be done because it can result in violations and fines, causing additional undue hardship in the company. She needs to address this immediately.

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1)Gilcrest responsibilities towards the company are to take over as the new CEO in the company. She also needs to exert her authority and try to help the employees get through the death of Mr. Gunerson. She needs to demonstrate to Boswell that she is able to be in charge of the company.

2)Gilcrest most important task as president is to deal with the EPA and OSHA because if she does not deal with them the company can be shut down quickly. Intermediary issues include Mrs. Naumes being out for a few days, the sales numbers reported by Mr. Blake the marketing manager. Some of the least important letters would be the offer to buy Sagittarius, and which shows to attend throughout the year. Mr. Boswell’s new instructions to go to Miami interfere with all her other obligations of solving these problems.

3)Some long term goals should be increasing sales since they have been slipping for the past two years. She should also try to keep Mr. Boswell happy by improving the quality of the boats in order to beat their competition.

4)Gilcrest should first of all introduce herself to the employees and then get ready to go to Florida and start planning the preliminary strategic plan for Mr. Boswell before he leaves to the Middle East.

5)Gilcrest should communicate her decisions to Boswell by telephone since she doesn’t have time to write a letter.

6)Gilcrest decision-making depend what kind of risks she can encounter, for example the company can go bankrupt, and the employees might not like her. She might have discipline some of the workers in the production area if she suspects someone is at fault for the recent defects in the hulls of the boats.

7)“In 1975 about 46% of all new boat sales involved a trade in.” In order to make the company more market oriented she should offer incentives or discounts for trade-ins of old boats to new boats.

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