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Yellow Earth Review Essay

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Yellow Earth Review

Answer #1: In the film, “Yellow Earth”, the soldier was received with mixed emotions. Of both wanting to help but also bordering animosity.

Answer #2: The main difference in the lifestyle of the peasant and the soldier is their status in life and their understanding of what is currently happening in their lives, politically and socio-economically speaking. The soldier, in his seeming intelligence as the educated man, is a promise of liberation as he informs them of new things that could improve their lives, and of traditions that they can let go of.

Answer #3: The physical environment works as a good expression of the peasants’ lives, both the hardships and the joys. It also expresses the simplicity of their life but also the poverty they were experiencing during the revolutionary communism.

Answer #4: The peasant’s daughter, Cuiqiao, is in-love with the soldier. But because of their traditions, she knows that she will be forced to marry someone else when he leaves, even though he promised to return. This facet of the story is one the most people could probably relate to as everyone can relate to the concept of heartbreaks. And mostly because it was a heart break brought on by the economic circumstances.

Answer #5: The most important theme of the film is the socio-economic circumstances of the time caused by the political factors.

Answer #6: The sub themes tackle with less emphasis the love angle of the story.

Answer #7: a: I would like to think that the government was quite astounded as to the subtle innuendos that the film “Yellow Earth” contains, not really sure if it is a pro or con film.

b: The people would have been confused pertaining to the new breakthrough in their literature and also the seeming liberalism of it.

c: The foreign audiences would have, on the otherhand, would have simply have taken this movie as a reality, as they have no real understanding of the internal struggle of the country.

Answer #8: The film was created with subtle but very touching scenes. Like most films today, it is more like a saga approach with subtle implications of dramaticism.

Answer #9: I would assume that the story would end with no particular resolution, and at the same time, the idealist in me says that with all the things going on and the circumstances, the ending should just take on a happy romantic, and happy ever after scenario to make it seem lighter.


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