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Yeah, I’m fine, how’s my god- daughter? Essay

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“The Lord our God will never bare any pain on you no more than you can handle” I know that god will have never given me Aneekaa if he knew I couldn’t handle her, right? Aneekaa is my daughter after all and it’s me and her against the whole world, Aneekaa my darling you’re all I have and my sweet baby, your all I need My Name is Champagne Loyalty James and this right here is my story.

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As per-normal I woke up to the same old sound of Aneekaa vastly driving my patience away with her constant crying and urge to annoy me.

“Shhhhh “I silenced her as I picked her up from her cot and swayed her side to side in a slow motion. After a couple of minutes of repeating this same movement she finally shut herself up and allowed me to place her back in her cot, so I could get ready for school and get her ready for nursery. 1 hour later Aneekaa and I were both dressed, fed and ready 2 go. Luckily for me, Aneekaa’s nursery was down the road from, my school. “Bye Nan” I shouted from the downstairs hallway as I put Aneekaa in her pushchair and left my house, setting off to the bus stop.

Once we stepped on the road, I got the usual stares from the local people, because I had a baby. It’s real emotional how people judge you nowadays, like how do they know whether she isn’t my niece or something. I just ignored them as per-normal and started listening to my pink Ipod nano, whilst I pushed the pram towards my destination. As I approached the bus stop all eyes were on me like always but as time subsided all the stares decreased one by one. Careless about all of them in this cold world, I stood by the bus shelter bopping my head to Jagged Edge- Lets Get married.

So into the song, I started singing along, like I was by myself, when I felt to hands surround my waste. I quickly turned around; only too see my best friend Tyreese, in front of me, with all his friends, including Jordell not 2 far behind him… “Are you alright, Tyreese? ” I smiled whilst I gave him a one handed hug making sure I left my spare hand on the pram. “Yeah, I’m fine, how’s my god- daughter? ” He replied as he broke our hug and went over to the pram to pick Aneekaa up. “Leave my child alone. ” I playfully said. He laughed as he played with her for a bit.

Whilst he was doing this she must have seen her dad standing with a group of boys behind because she immediately shouted “Daddy” and pointed at him, with her cute baby voice. Once the he, heard this, he practically leaped towards us, took her from Tyreese and attempted to walk back off to his friends. “Did, I say you can hold her. ” I bitterly shouted. I hated this, boys guts! “She’s my daughter to, so I’ll do what I want. ” It’s really funny how all it takes is one slight glance at his eyes and you’re already in love with him. HE WAS BEAUTIFUL.

Hearing Jordell’s name a couple of years ago, instantly made my heart skip a beat, but now hearing any sound even similar to his name sends on going shivers down my spine. Free period had just ended and I was making my way to tutor on my own. Minding my own business I walked down the hall-way of the school hugging my chemistry book, when a tall hooded figure came and bumped right into me, causing me to drop my book. “Watch were your going. ” I shouted standing there crossing my arms. “Sorry,” he replied whilst he picked up the book, and then handed it back to me.

Seconds later he pulled off his hood and what I saw truly amazed me, I’d never seen him around school before but that was the last thing on my mind. I was absolutely lost for words as I examined his whole body and appearance with my mouth wide open. I gazed into his big hypnotic brown eyes allowing the warmth coming from his body to silence my anger completely and cover it up with this new love that I had found for him I’ll never forget that day That moment That second The feelings I felt as soon as my eyes locked with his The emotions that ran through my body as he handed me back my book.

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