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Yamaha Vietnam Essay

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The current motorcycle market in Vietnam is developing with high competition among various manufacturers which have a lot of marketing strategies to attract target customers. Yamaha has made a lot of effort to expand the product which ensure the quality as well as reasonable price. With the same background of macro environment in the same market, there are many competitors that can be listed out as Honda, Suzuki…etc. targeting at extended problem solving, in other words, complex buying behaivours, Yamaha motor Vietnam have provided a range of products which currently stands in different stages in the product life cycle (PLC).

These creates both strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Yamaha. Based on the analysis, Yamaha can figure out suitable marketing strategy concentrating on special design like sporty and colorful and the system of “3S’ outlets – “Stop worry of customers”. All are aimed at reaching the final goal: “Growing with the country’s propensity. ” YAMAHA MOTOR VIETNAM CO. , LTD is a joint-venture of Yamaha Motor Co.

, Ltd. (46%), Vietnam Forest Corporation (8%), Co Do Mechanical Factory (22%) and Hong Leong Industries Berhad (24%). (Yamaha Motor Japan).

Yamaha, which was established on April 1 1998, is located in Trung Gia Commune, Soc Son Dist. , Hanoi. The company specializes in manufacturing and marketing motorbikes. Up to now, the company has provided the Vietnamese market with many types of motorbikes to meet with the need of customers of all ages and genders. Some of the most famous brand names of Yamaha Vietnam are JUPITER, MIO, NOUVO etc. In the competitive market if tow-wheeler in Vietnam, Yamaha Vietnam is achieving significant success and is becoming one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in Vietnam (including Honda, Sym, Suzuki etc.).

To have such accomplishment, one of the company’s major success factors is the focus on the importance of customer satisfaction, which is in line with the company’s motto: “Touching your heart”. Also, the company has contributed greatly to the society of Vietnam by participating in many social activities such as: grant scholarship for poor student, building schools, teaching safe driving, etc. Gradually, not only the company touch the heart of the customers by their stylish, high-quality motorbikes but also by Yamaha’s many meaningful contributions to Vietnamese community.

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