Two kids winning a competition in Reno September 19th

This article is about two kids winning a competition in Reno September 19th. It talks about the designs the kids came up with and built them with cardboard. Also explains what the challenge was about. It was about kids learning about the problem-solving process. It talks about how the kids wanted to build their design to see if it looks good or felt right. Although it has no moving parts the kids still enjoyed their design. Judges were surprised that the designs were able to carry a lot of weight.

In the end kids learned about what to do when a problem comes up and how to solve a problem with the problem-solving process.

This article relates to what were doing in class because it talks about how kids used the process to solve the problems they had while building their designs. We have to use the problem-solving process with the problems of the app and what would the input and output would be.

Something that doesn’t really relate with what were doing in class, but I feel the need to include would be that the kid that got second place used a different method. Instead of planning it he did it by the memory of those folding chairs in the stadium.

Computer Science Algorithms

“Google hits back at IBM’s quantum supremacy challenge,” by Leah Crane

New Scientist

This article is about how Google was able to build a quantum and put it in a computer to be able to solve problems that wouldn’t be able to be solved on a computer.

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They said that it took them a while to build it. Once it was built in a computer they tested it and were happy about their results. They got excited to see how people are going to act on trying this new quantum. After seeing how successful it was they’re were talking about planning on how building a better Algorithm to solve problems would take another couple of years to build. They also explain how the quantum was made and how they’re going to double their materials to build the next one in a couple of years.

This article relates to what were learning in class because it talks about computer science algorithms. It’s also talking about how the computer isn’t able to solve problems so we have to use the process. Now that the computer is able to solve this same problem it’s going to be able to do it quicker than us.

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