Xerox Diversity Essay

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Xerox Diversity

Xerox views achieving diversity in its workforce as a tool to increase its competitive advantage, rather than as an obstacle. Xerox is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and applies these principles to its recruitment, selection and retention strategies. To promote cultural and racial understanding and to achieve diversity at all levels of the company, Xerox has implemented a number of programs: Balanced Workforce Strategy, Corporate Champions, Caucus Groups, Training and Development, CEO Roundtables and Work Life. The Balanced Workforce Strategy is a plan to review the company’s representation of minorities and females in each pay grade band and to improve its recruitment of qualified individuals into areas where they may be under-represented.

The Corporate Champions Program offers different racial and ethnic minorities the opportunity to voice their concerns to corporate officers. This program educates the senior management on diversity issues and builds linkages within the company. Caucus Groups work to create pools of qualified, successful employees who can rise up through the management ranks. The groups also serve as employee advocates, sources of self-development and tools for education and communication. Training and Development are keys to success for all employees at Xerox. The company has identifies 23 leadership attributes as a basis for management development. These attributes also define what is needed for effective business leadership. The Xerox Management Institute provides traditional classroom-based programs and develops new approaches in organizational learning. Next, CEO Roundtables create opportunities for the CEO to gain insight into the status of cultural diversity directly from employee groups. This serves as a communication tool for both the management and the employees with regard to the company’s diversity issues. Work Life Programs at Xerox ensure that the workforce has the tools and flexibility it needs to achieve success. The company recognizes that many outside factors influence work behavior and in response, provides programs such as Dependent Care Fund, Alternative Work Schedules, Adoption Assistance, Mortgage Assistance and partial pay replacement for FMLA leaves. The company also offers a Childcare Subsidy, a Childcare Resource and Referral Service, an Employee Assistance Program and an Education Assistance Program. In addition, Xerox has also developed a toolkit entitled, “Who Am I? Who Are You? Raising Children in a Diverse World.” This toolkit helps adults have more effective discussions with children about issues surrounding diversity. By working with their children, adults become more in touch with their own attitudes about cultural diversity. The toolkit raises cultural awareness and sensitivity, and increases appreciation for differences. Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

Xerox’s efforts to improve and maintain corporate diversity is a part of its corporate plan and is supported by its senior management. Xerox diversity programs help the company meet its responsibilities as an EOE employer. In 1997, Xerox had full employee support for its Diversity Network. Plans for its diversity trainings were finished in 1997. Also in 1997, Xerox worked with other corporations, including Honeywell, to benchmark their diversity initiatives. Xerox participated in Catalyst’s national survey of 1,700 women-of-color managers, entitled “Women of Color in Corporate Management: Dynamics of Career Advancement.” Catalyst works with businesses to help advance women. The survey was conducted from November 1997 through January 1998. Xerox also co-sponsored a CEO Diversity Summit with the Ford Foundation.

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