Xbox Doxing Guide Essay

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Xbox Doxing Guide

How to get agent on: Call 1800-4 After intro message, push 1 then say other and then wait till the robot says “please say or enter your home phone number” and say “agent”. When the agent answers they will tell you their name, and may say “whats your name” or “how may I help you?” This is your Response: Hello _______, My name is ___________ with the Universal department of xbox support, and I am need of help from a fello agent. I have a customer on the other line that claims his Xbox 360 CONSOLE has been stolen from his House Hold, and he says he just bought a new xbox 360 and is trying to recover his gamertag, but it will nto recover, So what I was going to do was console ban his STOLEN xbox 360, and get the customer through base line verification to help him on his way to getting a password reset.

I tryed pulling his account up in “CCF” to get him past “BASE LINE VERIFICATION” and as soon as I opened his account my “CCF” and my system both froze. So I contacted my team lead and she stated that she would come to my office in the next 10-20 mins to help me fix my system and forward this customer to TIER 2 because it is a major case, if you can help me with this I highly appreciate it! Choices: A:Agent Says no, hang up! B:Agent says yes do the following: Say thanks so much, ask him/her if they can pull the account up in their “CCF”, if agent says yes, say I was told by my team lead to document all information, including your name and the accounts information on paper so I can document later on my system, so i will need to copy down the base line verification info, and that will make it even easier to verify with customer so we do not have to switch back and fourth to see if the information is correct or not.

Then just have the agent give you the “BASE LINE INFORMATION” that he/she is able to see, one bit of information you have to ask for to get is the “Date the Customer joined”, and this will help the chances of you getting a reset, You also may want to ask for the “Console Serial Number”, Some times they give it some times they dont/wont, becuase most are to dumb adn do not know how

to locate that information. NOTE: Agents cannot see the “Secrect Answer” nor the last 4 digits of the Credit Card, so do not waste your time asking for it. How ever they can see what payment method they last used, and the “PrePaid Card Code”.

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