Xbox 360 S versus PlayStation 3 Essay

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Xbox 360 S versus PlayStation 3

In this day and age it is not as easy to just walk into a store and buy an item and go home. Just imagine, after months of children begging and pleading you have given into them, walking into to the store and head for the electronics section. Then picture standing and staring at a multitude of options for gaming consoles like the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. The consoles have varying prices and tags that list all kinds of specifications that might as well be in Greek. “Which one to pick? ” one asks themself. While the PlayStation 3 has more advanced technology, the Xbox 360 is a better gaming console.

There are different models with different prices. For the sake of argument, this paper will compare the PlayStation 3 with 160 GB hard drive and an Xbox 360 S with a 200 GB hard drive. The PS3 is priced at a game retailer for 249. 99. The Xbox 360 S is priced at the same retailer for the price of 299. 99. This leaves a difference of fifty dollars and each device comes with a set amount of stock options. There are other prices for more capable options on each device. They range from hard drive size to Wi-Fi capable and what accessories come with the bundle when you first buy it.

The accessories of each device allow more diverse gameplay and other options and capabilities. The PS3 has a device called PlayStation Move accessory that allows some gameplay with movement; however, there are not have many games that utilize this device, and it doesn’t interact with the dashboard (also known as the main menu screen). The Xbox 360 has a Kinect that also uses movement to interact with games, but it also works on the main menu, not to mention movie controls like play, pause, stop, and rewind.

There are many games that utilize this device to play the game and others rely solely on it. It has many more uses and better control than the Playstation 3’s Move, which is basically an orb the size of a golf ball on a rod like stick. There are many other devices that each console has which basically is similar in function; they may differ in design and price. These are things like headsets, wireless controllers, Wi-Fi adapters (comes stock with Xbox 360 S), and other accessories.

In the matter of game choice, each of these devices now has several titles in many genres. All manner of genres such as Role-Playing-Games, First-Person-Shooters, Platform, and Strategy games are developed for each console. Some very popular games like Modern Warfare and other big titles are made for all consoles. There are, however, some games which are exclusive to each system. The PS3 has Uncharted, God of War, and a few other games exclusively made for the Playstation console. The Xbox 360 S has games that also are made just for it.

It has Halo, Fable, and a number of other titles may be considered somewhat popular. The consoles both have excellent graphics and gameplay engines, yet they are not made the same way. This being said the 360, in point of fact, is more renowned for having better all-around graphics and sound. This has much to do with the ease game makers have in realizing more of the Xbox’s hardware than the PlayStation. The PS3 uses Cell Processor technology which can achieve huge calculations per millisecond so it can produce enhanced graphics and lighting.

The PS3 is capable of 1. 8 Teraflops, which is how many calculations certain aspects of memory and processing add up to measure the computing power of the console. The Xbox 360 goes another way with using an IBM powered processing unit. It has a total of 1 teraflops per second. This is less than the PS3. The 360 makes up the difference with added video memory which provides a better look to the game. Playstation 3 relies more heavily on its Cell processor which is why the lighting and details look pixelated.

The Xbox also has much more in the way of graphic processors and shading engines that produce spectacular visuals that not only rival but also exceeds the PS3. Depending on whom one asks, either console can be said to have better graphics. They both may have very good graphics; the difference is the way they go about producing these images. The PS3 has better backgrounds and ambient sounds, but the Xbox 360 has better up close details, lighting and shading. This is important in most games and to most users. They have pros and cons involving the looks of the games.

In some games the PS3 has better graphics and, some are better on the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 S is Wi-Fi enabled, Kinect ready, and is equipped with 5 usb slots. It also has an online multiplayer capabilities and messenger with friends. This online ability is approximately $50. The online network for PlayStation is free, which is a plus. The downside is that the PlayStation Network has suffered from several hacker attacks that the user’s information like age address and credit card information was breached. The Microsoft online costs but has much better security.

The PS3 has online networking with friends and multiplayer capabilities; however it has had problems with security. The news has reported on over a few different times the PlayStation Network has been compromised. It also can have an accessory added to it to make it Wi-Fi. It can come with wireless controllers and different size hard drives, as well as the Xbox 360. Its headsets are Bluetooth which means they also can be used on phones. This Bluetooth has a drawback, which was one reason Microsoft didn’t use it. The Bluetooth has to cut off and reset after so long of a time period.

This can cause a delay or even disconnection from headset to console. Microsoft is the company that builds Xbox 360, and as a company has made a very user friendly console with great built-in features. Microsoft also makes the Windows operating software that so many people use now. The company is always trying to look for ways to make all of their products work together to provide a better experience for the consumers. This is why the Xbox is made to work in unison with any Windows phones, Windows computer with Windows Media Center and Zune devices.

The Xbox can play movies, music, and display pictures from any PC that has Windows Media Center. The newer Windows phones will interact with the Xbox 360 in many ways such as controlling the console almost like another controller. The phones can also work with Kinect devices to provide a more immersive gaming. They can also receive pictures captured by the Kinect and be able to share them on social sites like Facebook. These are just more brilliant things the Xbox 360 can accomplish that the PlayStation 3 cannot replicate. Microsoft has made a very competitive entertainment console.

Both consoles may have great qualities for people, but the Xbox 360 is better for a wider demographic. Many people choose one or the other because they are biased. However, in many professionals’ opinions, the 360 is a better gaming, social, child-friendly console. . It also has accessories and games which are great for both children and older demographics. Many aspects of the PlayStation 3 are geared toward typically older teens and adults; however, the Xbox 360 S is great for just about everyone, which is why it is the better console.

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