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Criminalistics: An introduction to forensic science

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (307 words)
Categories: Science
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Generally, the techniques used in investigating crime should be reliable, accurate and evaluate every small detail in connection with the crime. As result, the investigators use the X- ray method which is used in the form of x- ray diffraction powder and it is highly used in a forensic laboratory (Saferstein, 2011).

X-ray is an important method used to test both organic and inorganic substances. X- ray diffraction used for its many benefits in the laboratory for example the X-ray diffraction powder is used to preserve evidence and is used to identify many substance for example traces of metallic and inorganic (Saferstein, 2011).

This ability enables the investigator to get more information and facts of the case before him. It has the ability to differentiate the substance in a compound for example it can differentiate in terms of acid and base of an inorganic. In addition, the specimen in forensic laboratory is important because the evidence is collected from this specimen (Saferstein, 2011).

X-ray diffraction is a suitable tool to analyze inorganic substances in a laboratory because of its ability to differentiate the elements in a compound. Furthermore, every object or item in a crime scene is important and this tool has the ability to test all kinds of items at the scene for example the paint, vehicles, as well as soil among many others (Saferstein, 2011). X–ray diffraction method should be used because of its numerous benefits to attain facts in an investigation. Finally, the x-ray diffraction is a suitable tool due to its ability to differentiate the traces of elements in compounds. It also yields more information on the items examined and the investigator can categorize the materials into different groups for analysis and documentation. (Saferstein, 2011).


Saferstein, R. (2011). Criminalistics: An introduction to forensic science. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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