Written Task: Rewrite the story in First Persons omniscient Essay

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Written Task: Rewrite the story in First Persons omniscient

“Get Kenji,” I tell the voice in my head. “Dial Kenji.”

Please hang up and try again.

What!?What is going on here? I can’t hang up now, people who are waiting for the phone are gonna take it away from it once I hang up. If you’d like to make a call.

Since when did these things become so god dam complicated? Each number pressed leaves my head in dire need of a pain killer or something along those lines. That dam voice again! I remember when a phone call was only quarter, now I just pray as I reach into my pocket that I have enough change left. I really need to get through. Seven more numbers and that dam ringing will be done. It’s hard but I am able to dial them, I bet you didn’t think I could. Kenji, oh thank god. Now if only I had the courage to tell him, I need him to hear me. I’m all choked up again.

“Tessa? Is that you?”

He sounds worried; didn’t I just talk to him? “Its not my fault,” I realize I’m crying.

“Hey,” he says. “Come home. Where did you go?”

“You have to come get me,” I know I sound pathetic I need him.

I can hear he is uneasy with the whole situation, “Come get you? I can’t come get you! I’m extremely fucked up at the moment.”

Oh great, I thought that I could depend on him just at least once! “You have to come,” I say, practically begging, “Olivia’s gone!” I hang up on him.

Fuck this, why is he never here when I need him, ok fine! I don’t need Kenji. He doesn’t understand. Okay, Olivia, where is Olivia?? I need to find her. Soon, my head spins and I have to sit down on the curb. Looking at the road, thinking about nothing, what am I doing? ‘Bang bang’ cars running towards me, come here and greet me, let me fill you up with my blood. The irresistible desire is so strong, I can’t endure it. I want it, right now at this moment.

Step by step I kept telling myself I just need to cross this fucking street. I could hear the cars but I could not move quick enough, thankfully some higher power must have been looking out for me. I sit down on the bench, I could feel something is going wrong inside my chest, I know it is from the Devvie and Sallie. What is this feeling? Is the whole world moving, or is it just me? Wait. I need to find Olivia, if Gayle found

out I will be in a fucking trouble. No wait, is not the time to worrying about this, Olivia is lost, and she must be screaming and crying and looking for me. What am I doing all alone here? I need to find her. I found my self in a park when my mind is a little clearer, I still could feel the Devvie and Sallie spreading through my body, distracting my brain from thinking my next step. I stand near this flower bed near a bench and I take the pillbox out, I look inside, hesitated to take another one. There are only two Devvies, and one more Sallie. I knee down on the grass, starting digging a hole, I put the pillbox deep inside the hole and then bury them. I should not have it with me; I need to keep the pillbox away from me for now.

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