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Written methods Essay

Essay Topic:

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E-mail is used in Perkins as a fast and detailed way to communicate to communicate between departments of the business and a way to send documents from one place to another quickly by attaching them to an E-mail. ICT robots are used as an easy way to build the engines because all they needed to do was to install some software and programme them for what they are needed to do.

Written methods Financial documents are used as communication to customers and to confirm that their order has been received.

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There are a variety of financial documents starting with the Order form then going to the delivery note followed by the credit (if needed) ect.

Letters are also used as communication to customers, suppliers and other Perkins factories. Oral Department meetings are used in Perkins because it is a way for the heads of each of the departments to say what is happening in their department and also to assign jobs to each department and to show others designs for their newest engines. These meetings are time consuming and they might also cause conflict between colleagues sharing their opinions about what is happening in the business. These meetings are held once a week in Perkins and they are attended heads of all functional areas or the head of one department and their employees.

Production meetings are used to share ideas about what the next engine will be like. These meetings are also time consuming and can be disrupted easily by lateness. C2 Communication inside functional areas Email is used inside the functional areas to send information to other employees this is good because it keeps the employees up to date with what is happening within the department, it is also a fast way of communicating and you can also attach documents. Email can also be bad because employees might send the wrong information or they might send it to the wrong employee.

Department meeting are useful inside Perkins no matter if it is a meeting with all the department heads or just the one head of that specific department (this is the one I shall talk about in this paragraph) this is a good method of communication because it means that all employees shall know what their newest assignment but these meetings can also be bad because they are easily disrupted by people being late and these meeting can also cause conflict between workers and compromise the amount of engines made, if some employees are not getting along it will bring down worker morale.

Fax is used inside functional area to send important documents around the functional area of the business. This is good because it is like a photo copier and a telephone because employees can send other employees documents and still have the original copy. Between functional areas Fax is used between functional areas in the same way as they use it inside the functional area of the business. Intranet is used between functional areas because it is like a closed circuit internet just for Perkins. It is used to give employees a basic idea of what they may need to do. This is made by the Administration department to let employees know what customers they are providing for and what types of engines they would like.

Email is used between functional areas because they can send documents of what the customer wants and how they want it made. This is used by employees to send each other information quickly and neatly. Communication with people outside the business The telephone is used to contact people outside Perkins. This can be used to contact people who work for Perkins or customers of Perkins (Perkins generally does not phone customers but they use letters and financial documents)

Telephone conferencing is used to have three or more way conversations for people who work at home for Perkins this is useful because they don’t have to keep putting people on hold. Telephone conferencing can also be bad because employees may not be able to understand others if they are from other countries. This can also be used to communicate with rich customers. Letters are used to communicate with customers to see what they want and if they are still loyal to Perkins. They are also used to communicate to shareholders so they can have the information about how the business is running.

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