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In role culture it will have good communication strategies and if it was put up on a notice board (business letter, fax) everyone will be able to see it which would mean they would now what new offers and products are coming out. In democratic style when they put up the notice the manager does not have to go around face-face giving the notice which could save time and concentrate on there work. Which would mean more sales at the shop and less worrying of spreading the word.

Democratic style helps this by showing reports of future activities of what type of products and services are to come out inn the future to make people aware

Electronic information(electronic mail, E.D.I, File transfers): This type of message can only be received by mangers of the Vodafone shops. These manger will pass this information to its employees. This is another way of good communication networks with employees. Also it is a good way of sending letters memos etc.

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outside of the business. As it is easy and fast to receive. This will make workers more aware of what’s going on in the company and to see if they are performing well. Workers are keen of knowing what’s going on in the business environment. By letting them now what new products an services are coming out they are more motivated at there job.

Vodafone uses benchmarking for carrying out process. If they where to use alternatives in the process I think they should try to Quality Circles and see if it would work.

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This could be an advantage to Vodafone as it would increases the activity. This is where a group of volunteers for example employees of Vodafone will get together and discuss operational and employees problems. Advantages and Disadvantages of Quality Circles.

How does the alternative approach help Vodafone meet its objectives:

  • If Vodafone changed to Quality circles it would work to meet Vodafone’s Objectives by: To Maximise Profits.
  • If Vodafone changed to Quality circles it would gain profit, due to the fact that as the organisations employees are working as a group they are reasons why they could minimise profits. They are due to the groups of employees carrying out in depth research due the competitive business environment for mobile phones.
  • If the group carry out research and surveys they could bring a new product into the market which many customers would like. To survive: Vodafone needs to survive in the competitive business environment. This is where Quality circles would help if they switch to its quality circles groups if employees always get together atleast a few times a week. There are many reasons to this which are: Due to more and more people buying mobile phones there has been an increase in the productivity offers and ranges of mobile phones which are being released. This is where Quality circles are involved. Due to the competitive environment of mobile phones this makes it hard for Vodafone to compete, therefore Vodafone’s group of Quality circles will get together and carry out in depth research and development of new product, and make sure the product succeeds in the competitive environment.
  • To increase market share: Vodafone is trying to expand its variety of products it sells. Quality circles carry out there research and development of the product. They do this to increase market share to sell a wide range of products in which people who are not rich can afford mobile phones. Vodafone sells cheap mobiles and expensive mobiles so that everyone can afford it.  Vodafone provides a service to the community: Quality circles help this by bringing mobiles phones in less developed countries. They also provide jobs to them so they can have a better standard of living. Also by bringing jobs in a LEDC they could help build a Quality circle which would mean they will be able to succeed like the UK has.
  • Vodafone provides a god working environment for its workers: As Quality circles is an alternative they are also capable in solving problems with employees when they solve the problem. Therefore the group will then tell the workers how to solve the problem if they had approached any. Once the workers understands what to do he/she will be motivated at the job which will mean less errors occurring during the production process and high quality products will be produced.
  • Vodafone’s extra after sales service: Quality circles will help this objective as it will tell after sales services workers in ways of how to speck to the customer and how to over come problems. Quality circles will suggest methods and also state the ways in keeping a good reputation as there customers are advantage as they bring in money. Alternative approach in quality circles affect: Finance: quality circles cannot help the finance department although they could find ways to solve problems. Foe e.g. after a balance sheet or trading profit and loss account is Analysed if they are making a loss then Quality circles should be aware of this but if they are making profit quality circles may/may not need to be aware of this.
  • Production: Quality circles can help this department because this group are the people who bring the products in to the market and in order for these products to sell they need to be at a good quality in order to sell in the market. Human resources department: Quality circles cannot help this department which could affect the business in a number of ways which are the policy making role, welfare role and administrative role.

These roles are to do with health and safety and pension schemes. This could cause problems if the company was going to be controlled by Quality circles because these people who are in the Quality circles are only workers. Marketing role: Quality circles can help this department because QC design the product and if any errors are occurred during the production the QC will be able to help as they would try to stop these errors from occurring.

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