Written Communication: A Personal Narrative

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My life hasn’t been easy, but it sure has been exciting. I can actually remember every moment in my life, good and bad as if it just happened when I tend to go back into memories. I sure have a lot of memories, thoughts, and opinions of what should’ve I done if I had the mentality I have today. In this writing I will just let you know of some of the most impacting memories of my life.

Let’s start with my childhood.

My life as a child was, well, interesting. I was raised in Matamoros with both my parents. I am one of four, I have one brother and two sisters. My life was not easy, my family had a low income. My mother sewed clothes because my dad was always drunk. I have always been a very intelligent man without fear of anything, when there was nothing to eat in my house I would go and help a man who fed the pigs, I would get things from the trash and clean them and do arts and crafts and sell them, so my brothers and my mother would have something to eat.

I never stayed with my arms crossed. I endure 8 years seeing how my father mistreated my mother, unable to do anything for fear that my father would hit me too. At the age of eight and a half years I left my house with an aunt who went to visit my mother and I left for the only reason that I didn’t want to see no more fights.

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She came from Arkansas and I did not care to be away from my mother to help her financially. So, I left.

My aunt put me at school, which I did not like going to, but I was not with my mother. I was with my aunt, so I did not have any other way out but to study. I was just a child. I only went to the eleventh grade, then I found a job and I left school. from then on, I started to like money and being independent nobody would stop me now. After almost 1 year of working and saving a little money. Living alone in a trailer, paying my bills, from being an independent human, I returned to Matamoros to see my mother and my brothers. Obviously, I saw my father, but I had a lot of bitterness for everything that I had lived as a child. Everything went well, I had fun with my friends, I spent time with my family and had to return to Arkansas because I had a job and a home. I sent money to support my mother in what she needed.

I worked a few months and I returned and it was when I met my daughter’s mother through my sister the youngest they were friends and my daughter’s mother lived with my sister at that time, at mom’s house. Everything was beautiful until my daughter was born. Her mother was a drug addict since I met her, but I had the hope that she was going to change, but no. She preferred her addiction instead of her daughter, so she left my daughter in my mom’s house. I have always been a responsible man for my actions, so I had to go to Matamoros to take charge of my daughter. The problem was that I was used to work and gaining enough money to support my family and Mexican money wasn’t enough to support all of them. I decided to leave and come as often as I could to see my daughter while my mom took care of her. In one of those visits there was a party at aunt’s house a few blocks away from my mom’s house. There was a cousin of mine at that party and she was with a friend of hers. I asked my cousin about her and I took the courage to ask my cousin’s friend out to dance. After that day I was going more often to my cousin’s house, just to see her. Her name is Juana. Days, weeks, months passed, and we decided to form a relationship. I no longer returned to Arkansas. Until today she is my current wife the mother of my two children the youngest ones.

My life has been an adventure, a rise and fall of good and bad but thank God I have never given up and never are, because I have two small men who follow my steps and a beautiful grandson who lives with me and my wife. Now I am here resuming my studies to be someone in life, and to show my children that despite the age and the little knowledge I remember from school. I am looking forward in getting my GED. Even though it has not been easy neither will it be impossible to achieve my goals.

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