Written Essay Topics

Written methods

E-mail is used in Perkins as a fast and detailed way to communicate to communicate between departments of the business and a way to send documents from one place to another quickly by attaching them to an E-mail. ICT robots are used as an easy way to build the engines because all they needed to do… View Article

Oral or written argument

Given that the ideas can not be truly and completely explained by words, one have to recognize that every oral or written argument ever told or explained is inherently subjective. Therefore, every fact described by a human is an opinion, and every opinion is somehow a fact. Thusly, every word should be considered from two… View Article

Written Critique

The above article applies to financial management in terms of attaining the objective of financial management, which is to maximize the wealth of stockholders Brigham and Houston, 2002). The case fact admits the “pay-for-performance schemes offer potential benefits to shareholders in the form of reducing agency cost by better aligning shareholder and managerial interests. ”… View Article