Writing the Writer’s Problem Essay

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Writing the Writer’s Problem

Writing is a passion. Everyone can write but only few people can write well enough for other people to understand. Writing has never been an easy task, job or hobby; it requires attention and broad understanding of the things around you. Language is the first to be considered in writing, how a person will be able to talk to his or her readers and what shall the writer to use. Whatever the reason for writing is, culture and the environment of the writer affect any output he or she produces. In this case, differences in language and in rearing make them different and sometimes, people were unable to understand them.

There are certain things that are considered first in writing and when you are in an American school or any English Speaking School, the language used could affect you as a writer especially if your were never a native English speaker. However, writing in English or being fluent in English depends on the nature of the person. Thus, those who came from a different place, foreign student as we call them, and took a chance to enter a world different from theirs, commonly experience language barriers in the sense that they may have used a different language since birth or they have a different tone.

Hence, they experience problems in communicating with the people around them in English language, may it be in papers submitted in school or outside school, in conversing with other people, their peers and their classmates. Reflections Using the guides given by the instructor it seems to be so easy at first to analyze one’s self regarding writing concerns. However, this task is a big thing and involves severe reflection and analysis of the real issue. Hence, the following entries are reflections over the guidelines and question given the instructor which would most probably help in knowing one’s self.

There are three exercises to be answered and they are in the form of an essay. Exercise 5B: Reflecting on Your Own Writing Concerns Criticizing personal works is not bad at all. It only allows us to have rooms for improvement and a better writing skill. Perhaps it is better to do such reflection over personal works more often than to be too sensitive of the critics. Considering my performance over the past years, it seems that I had been dealing with a better writing skills compared to others.

The upbringing I had and the way I use the language allows me to write a better paper and how I was able to communicate with others, may it be through the web or in person. Personally, there are no problems since I can observe no rules in writing but when it comes to professional and academic concerns, it seems that I have to be more careful since there are rules to be followed. However, as a writer, I believe I do not have many problems except of having errors in grammar and thoughts but aside from those, nothing else follows.

Moreover, as a writer, my problems in writing allowed me to become emotional sometimes and when it comes to critics over my professional and academic writings, I somehow lose confidence but reflecting upon it at this time, it seems that it is better not to take it personally because critics were made for your own development. On the other hand, it is not hard for me also to relate with those writers who uses English as second language. Like them, I have criticism also and that people, instructors and peers say different things about my writings which I believed were also experienced by writers who use English as second language.

However, when it comes to writing anxieties, I believe I do not share the same frustrations since English is not my second language and I had been fluent for a long time already. But regarding struggles in starting an assignment seems to be a common problem among students because that is a common though and it is hard to make a or write a paper without an issue in mind but this one I think I was able to conquer already along with the problem in language. Exercise 5A: Reflecting on Writers’ Concerns

Regarding the mock requests, I believe there is nothing personal and so meeting the students face to face would be better. In this case, there will be enough attention and the focus of both the student and me will be at one point, sharing the same point of view and focal point. Hence, it will be easy for the two of us to exchange ideas and opinion which will be very helpful not only to the students but also with me. If we happen to see face to face, perhaps the students will confess about their problems in writing and the language which prohibits them to continuous write down their thoughts and opinions.

It is a common problem and though they are frustrated already, they will and eagerness to learn more and to work on with they writing skills allows them to deal with their frustration. In this case, the students were benefiting in such tutorials because they are given the chance to be heard and then to learn also. In some point, there are no reasons why language used in writing will not be tackled over mock requests. It seems that it is one of the main reasons why such things happen and it is focused mainly on improving the students and not into insulting them.

Addressing such problems are common already that it will be helpful for the students if they will take constructively and not focusing on the emotional torture it may give them. The advises I gave seems to be helpful to them due to the fact that they really have improvements and that they do understand the importance of knowing English and learning how to fluently write in English since they are presently in an English Country wherein there is a Standard Academic English. Exercise 5c: Reflecting on Tutoring Techniques

Considering the revision of the advices I gave to the students, it seems that it still have to revise other things and that the once I shared must be given in full detail and not in a short talk only. First and foremost, I have to be sure that the students understand what I was trying to say and have an idea of what is really happening which means that full attention must be give. Also the student must be oriented with culture and the differences since it is one part of the cultivation of the writer’s thoughts and skills.

Furthermore, clearing issues about culture will allow them to have ideas in the world of writing such as plagiarism and to give them ideas about the proper style to be used when writing for academic papers under the Standard American English. Hence, with all of these things cleared to the student, he or she will be able to write better and soon learn more about and learn to adapt with the changes. Works Cited Module 4: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in the Writing Center

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