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Writing letter

I am writing this letter to recommend Connie Fan, whom I met Connie Fan on the first day of high school. She sat a few seats behind me in our Freshmen Composition class, and I didn’t even notice her until the period bell rang. Her gentle voice and sweet, unassuming nature appealed to me.  Her well-rounded personality drew me in even further.

Since the first few weeks of our friendship, I have noticed that Connie is an explorer of many sorts.  She loves to delve into the nooks and crannies of every setting she encounters. Whether it is the hallways of a new school, the streets of a city, or the pages of a book, she is an adventurer whose curiosity always dares her to discover the unknown.

She showed me the difference between knowing and experiencing. Together we sought to uncover the remnants of a city’s history or a school’s past, walking its pavements and hallways until our feet swelled with pain. Her inquisitive nature makes her a great scholar.

Connie Fan is an ambitious individual whose boldness and sense of direction are always an inspiration for her friends. Her physical appearance does not match her actual character.

What lies beneath the small frame and the gentle voice is a woman of tremendous fortitude and stature. Rich with the abundance of friends that she has made, she cherishes each moment with her friends and family and would never disregard them. She is also a confidant woman who takes pride in her background, her culture, and her identity. She embraces her achievements but never forgets her failures or the steps that she had to undertake to reach her destination.

We encouraged one another to challenge ourselves and to take as many classes to broaden the scope of our knowledge as well as to participate in extracurricular activities. She was eager to contribute to the Stuyvesant community, and so we tried out for the yearbook committee, the track and gymnastics team, and we sing together. When both of us tried out for the track team sophomore year and neither of us made it, she pushed me to try out again. Her persistence is one of her greatest gifts.  We did; the result was sweat, anguish, and a story we could laugh about when either one of us feels disheartened.

Also equally important are her smile and her kindness. Her grin is large but welcoming, and her laugh is loud yet contagious. She is so often teased about her prominent mouth that I don’t think she realizes the importance her smile brings to others. Her smile is affectionate and she is always quick to flash it as it radiates warmth for those around her.

Recently this year when we received our report cards and I broke down at the discovery of my grades, she showed me her infinite patience. She took my hand and led me to the same spot we sought out freshmen year and waited until I stopped crying. She let me pour out my feelings and resolve my own problems merely through talking it out, offering tidbits of advice along the way. She does this for many of her friends, adding a pinch of advice, offering a shoulder for support, mixed with that comforting smile she is so well known for.

One the whole, Miss Fan is a well-rounded and outstanding girl who is an ambitious, hardworking student. A dedicated scholar, she also has a friendly, easy-going personality that allows her to work well as a team member and would be a wonderful addition to Dartmouth. I respectfully request that you accept her application.

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