Series of Articles about Writing for Associated Content/ Yahoo Contributor Network

AC is now Yahoo! Contributor Network. Some thing have changed, such as the way they market to new writers and the opportunities that exist for writers. I enjoy being a Contributor a lot more now because I get more higher paying assignments and the opportunity to be published on Y! verticals. I have a big sports following of great people and it lets me share my experiences as a recreational athlete, a fan and a youth coach.

Here are some past written articles about AC (now Y!CN) to help you understand more about how things work.

Are Associated Content Rejections Because People Are Poor Writers? 

As a professional Internet of many years, I take a divided stand on this. On the one hand, there are many poor writers out there as well as those who just don’t understand SEO, keywords, headlines and writing for the Web.

Has Associated Content Changed For Writers? 

On the AC forums recently, there have been posts about an increase in rejections as well as lower upfront offers.

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Many AC writers feel there is something going on at AC that they’re not telling the writers about and this wouldn’t be the first time.

Understanding Associated Content Rejections and What You Can Get From AC 

You have to ask yourself what you’re getting from AC and what you want to get from it. If you want to fully support yourself on your income from AC, then you might want to get used to living on a tight budget.

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Why Are Your Associated Content Articles Getting Rejected and What to Do About It

If you write for Associated Content then you might know a thing or two about rejections from them. There are a variety of reasons articles may get rejected and dozens of threads on their forums which discuss it.

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