Writing Emails in Various Styles

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Task 1

Note to instructor

In today’s fast pacing world e-mail is the most convenient and flexible way to connect and communicate with each other. Also e-mail is call professional way of communication in most of the areas. In this task I would prefer direct message style.

Date: September 19th 2018

From: –

To: city.council

Subject: Need some information about new wastewater treatment plant

Dear Mr. Dixon, City Administrator,

I am a head engineer from firm named Hindustan developments. A week ago my company gave some blue prints including some of the cost estimation for the new wastewater treatment plant in city of Regina Saskatchewan.

Therefore my company is searching for some key thought and prerequisites from your side with respect to safety, budget, and structure of our recommended wastewater treatment plant in City of Regina. That will be incredible on the off chance that you give every one of us of your thoughts that you are searching for in our prescribed task.

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So we can begin with the venture. As a result we can give quick support to the individuals and they get advantage from that wastewater treatment plant.

Thank you for giving your time.

Have a great day!


Task 2

Note to instructor

In this task I also prefer e-mail. Because we all know that government officers have lot of things to do in single day so e-mail is the only way which can save their time. Using email we can provide all details and information in very professional way.

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For this task indirect method is excellent. Because I have to clarify the whole idea to Mr. Dixon and after that I will ask him for an authorization of a presentation on difficulty in front of the board then I would prefer it.

Date: September 20th 2018

From: –

To: city.council

Subject: solving financial issue

Dear Mr. Jones, city administrator,

Last night I read your email and subsequent to perusing your email I felt you are worried about the monetary allowance in task. My organization is doing this sort of work for 40 years and you are not by any means the only one who objection us about money related issue. My organization did numerous projects in various urban cities. We face loads of issues, however toward the end we succeed all an opportunity to take care of issues. Give me a chance to give you one example, a year ago we face same issue in Calgary, We have contract of Calgary wastewater treatment plant, and the city head had a few issues with fund however at the end we made an arrangement. The arrangement was that they need to pay just 50% of installment when 70% of the undertaking done and done and the rest of the payment by monthly installments. What’s more, they were extremely glad to work with us. So give one opportunity to my organization to clarify the money related understandings, which will carry more advantages to you.

Thanks for your valuable time. One of delegate from my organization will clarify the majority of the agreements. I will wait for your answer for conference.

Best regards,


Task 3

Note to instructor

In these tragic circumstances cards and flowers are most appropriate manner to show kindheartedness so Mr. Dixon can feel a lesser amount of stress. And also on behalf of my organization me and mu colleges will attend the memorial service. I will meet Mr. Dixon and give him sympathy and give help in his hard time.

Date: September 21st 2018

Dear Ms. Dixon,

I am extremely sorry to hear about your father. The second word that any kid expresses is just a dad. Also, a father assumes crucial job in each individual’s life. Also father is the first role model in most of the kid’s life. Furthermore, playing with dad is the best felling. Also, I wish that every one of your recollections with your dad will help you in future. At whatever point you need assistance from me or from my organization, we will consistently be there for you in any sort of circumstance and will prepared to support you.

I will pay for your dad and she he be in harmony.

Yours truly,


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