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Writing assessment

Literature we learn in schools mostly represents events of real life. Sometimes the speaker, the author, and the writer can exaggerate but they frequently present their work based on real life occurrences. Literature cannot ever be “an annoying obstacle” instead it should be seen as an enjoyable master piece. Furthermore, literature should be considered as an important tool for all those who are aiming to become a successful professional in any field.

Personally, from the Literature classes, I have learned that people do not need to reach a consensus, and that everyone’s point of view count. Literature became very frustrating for me in the beginning of the semester. Although I have always read short stories and drama, I have never analyzed any of them. Poetry was a real challenge for me because I am not a very big fan of it. The reason why I have never read one is because I not could interpret the theme.

Moreover, I have always wondered if poetry has any meaning or if it is simply a play of words. As the time passed, I became used to it. Nowadays, I know that in order to find the theme I must pay close attention to details or “closed reading. ” I am convinced that I will reap the benefits of what I have learned in literature in my career as a nurse. In my opinion, each genre such as poetry, short stories, and drama represent different cultures and backgrounds in the society especially in the U. S.

Going back to literature and careers, a qualified nurse needs to be devoted to people regardless cultures, backgrounds, and ages. Here in America, a good nurse should be someone who is capable to understand and deal with the people of different ethnicities. In order for a nurse to do her job efficiently, she must be meticulous and pay special attention to details such as the patient’s moods, body expressions, and so forth. These signs might reveal the real cause of the patient’s sufferings and pains and not rely solely of what the patient says.

Although literature classes were very useful for me it was not easy at all. For example, to write papers about poetry, short stories, and drama was challenging for me. Citing works is another example where I have a lot troubles. However, I can say that I have better understanding of how to read and interpret. I still having some troubles in works cited but I hope to improve over the time. For my career as a nurse, I will need to be tolerant of other individuals’ way of living and thinking.

To conclude, English Literature was challenged for me because English is not my primary language. However, I enjoyed every chapter of each genres and I appreciate for having this opportunity. Although I have not used for other courses what I have learned in literature class so far, I hope I can use it in the future in my career as a nurse. However, in general speaking, literature classes has enriched my vocabulary and nourished my imaginations. The most important thing is that my point of view counts as same as the others’ Part II

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