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Amitav Ghosh is a Bengali Indian author

Amitav Ghosh has dealt with various themes in his novels. Some of the them include search for identity, traditions versus modernity, contemporary social problems etc. Ghosh attempts to perceive the lives of his contemporaries in lands as diverse as India, Bangladesh, Egypt, England etc. His canvas is often large and his novels are peopled with a variety of characters, though not in the range of a ...

"Se habla Espanol" by Tanya Maria Barrientos

My initial reaction after reading “Se habla Espanol” was of understanding and compassion for Barrientos. Being from a Mexican background and migrating to the United States as a young woman in 1987, I understood and related to some of the challenges and frustrations Barrientos had growing up when trying to be accepted as an authentic Latina. I am a proud Hispanic woman and am always willing to ...

The Story of Gregory

Gregory’s use of words was well put together and powerful. His use of metaphors, and imagery were strategic. He was able to convey his message easily by making the picture vivid and using exaggerations for the idea to be understood. His use of “pregnant” made an impact as pregnant woman cannot help their cravings it just an impulse that is very persistent and in most cases is done to satisfy...

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Joyce Carol Oates and Ralph Waldo Emerson

This statement is reasoning that nature will answer all questions. He proves that nature is greater than man, and that it deserves respect. To conclude, both Oates and Emerson effectively use the appeals of credibility, emotion, and logic to support their position when it comes to nature. They both are complete opposites when it comes to nature. Emerson feels that nature is not only beautiful, but...

Gran Torino Monologue

When the man said that the car was being given to Thao, at first I thought it was a mistake but then the man went on about how Thao couldn't do anything to it. I was so shocked; I thought that it was completely unfair. I mean I have known my grandfather since I was born, well I've been alive when he has, and I'm even related to him and the boy only knew him for a week or something. I couldn’t b...

Modern Elements in Pinero's "The Second Mrs. Tanqueray"

Actually, Act III opens with the Orreyeds enjoying themselves at Highercoombe, a matter which indicates that Aubrey accepts the Orreyeds' visit and welcomes them to please Paula. To conclude, despite the fact that he is described as a traditional writer, Pinero has presented himself as a real modern writer. He has experimented with several modern techniques that have not been coined yet as his tim...

Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park

In Playing Beatie Bow, Ruth Park illustrates the lessons Abigail learns about the importance of the family. Although she was selfish and unforgiving at the beginning of the novel, through her experiences with the Bows Abigail learns to display the key elements in keeping a family together. She learns how to love, forgive, support and understand her family, and this allowed her to mature and realiz...

Amy Tan

Mother Approved. As a personal opinion, I think most people are not like Amy Tan. In the sense of us sometimes not being passionate enough to truly follow what we want and work towards it regardless of what other may have to say. There are many influences out there and must learn to only pay attention to those that will help us get closer to our goal and ignore the rest. As a good friend of mine o...

Lamb To The Slaughter By Mary Maloney

(Paragraph 44) Crashed to the floor, that’s how much power she had, when driven by a strong anger. By power came intelligence, as soon as Mary realized she had killed her husband, she was able to devise a plan in order to ultimately get away with murder. Don’t underestimate the weak, because sooner or later, they’ll rise to become powerful. In this case, the consequence of such thinking resu...

The Rocking-Horse Winner By D. H. Lawrence

I am though interested in how the family would survive without not only Paul but the huge money supply he left the family. Wealth is one thing people can go crazy over. Hester is a great example of how ignorance can ruin someone’s life and even majorly affect other people around. Paul was just doing what he thought was morally correct to help his mother and the family. He did his deed without th...

Metaphors by Sylvia Plath

The overall tone of ‘Metaphors’ is a pessimistic one which highlights the extent of the poet’s self-loathing and depression. This may be related to mental health issues the fragile poet suffered from. Plath’s distorted self-image combined with the love she feels for her unborn child and her uncertainty of what the future may hold for her come together to produce a beautiful, highly emotion...

"Father Returning Home" by Dilip Chitre

The black raincoat that he wears becomes stained with mud. His bag crumbles with the heavy load of the books. Due to old age, the poet’s father’s eyesight has become poor and therefore he finds difficulty to move about in the dark. The poet says that he can see his father getting down the train ‘like a word dropped from a long sentence.’ The sentence is highly unique and it provides an evo...

Using My 5 Senses in Writing a Scene

There are pigeons everywhereon the sidewalk, on the floor, in the trees and in the bushes behind me. I wonder if this is really their city were in, and theyre just gracious enough to let us live among them. They seem almost human, preoccupied with the routine of their everyday life. Some of them are walking around, like maybe they have somewhere to be, and they just dont know which direction to go...

If You Forget Me By Pablo Neruda

This, in fact insures that the poet is unafraid of the risks of falling in love, but remains completely aware. According to the Poetry Society Of America, “anyone who knows anything about Pablo Neruda knows that he is considered the ‘poet of love’”. Which is clearly demonstrated throughout this poem. Neruda was effective in creating a love story, one of which can be interpreted in many way...

Elizabeth: English Queen Life

The correlation between the snake, the father, and the primitiveness can lead to a sense of danger in Elizabeth's life. Elizabeth senses the danger and evades it by becoming sly and controlling. This is indicated by the tonal transition in as she slides from thoughts of "Tom, soft laughing"(28) and "turning / with the rhythm of the sun on warped branches, / who'd hold my breast and watch it move l...

Beach Burial By Kenneth Slessor

By using a somber tone Slessor has created a sympathetic feeling to arouse the audience. As the poem continues we build up pity causing us to think and even shed a tear. Slessor has used a powerful feel to create strong imagery in our minds. The mood expressed by Slessor has alluded to the memory of the men who have been buried unknowingly who they are and what they have done. The missing identity...

Cuneiform And Hieroglyphics

People becoming more literate and more knowledgeable helped greatly in the development of the civilizations. Both writings, cuneiform and hieroglyphics, were invented to improve the record keeping of the civilization. By having a written language, Egypt and Sumer could kept records, draw up contracts and official documents, record laws and legal judgments, and record sales. As time went on, being ...

"The Organic Machine" by Richard White

Man saw the Columbia as a "prime mover of kilowatts," and then exploited it as a mechanical entity instead of a natural phenomenon. Environmentalists, historians, and engineers would all find something in this work that would interest them. This "organic machine", through human intervention, has created a socially, economically, and physically connected network of human societies and natural pheno...

Biographical Strategies

Though, Chopin really loved her husband and wished to get him back again but it is also reality that she had very successful life that she spent freely after his death (Chopin). A reader, who doesn’t have any biographical knowledge about the Chopin’s own life, will understand the story in a different way. He may disagree with Mrs. Mallard’s vision of “free life”; but the reader who has b...

“The Lamb” By William Blake

Blake is not so blind as to not see there is always a duality to life, a balance between the poles of calm and fury, innocence and evil. Blake has produced the counterpoint as well, with “The Tyger”, also from his “Songs of Experience”. Here he asks the question “did he who made the Lamb make thee? ” (Tyger, Line 20). By doing so he forces the reader to face the timeless question of ho...

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Morrison, Toni. "From Sula. ” American Literature Since the Civil War. Create edition. McGraw- Hill, 2011. 346-354. e-Book. Oates, Joyce Carol. “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? ” American Literature Since the Civil War. Create edition. McGraw-Hill, 2011. 333-344. e-Book. Twain, Mark. “From Roughing It. When The Buffalo Climbed a Tree. ” American ...

A Poetic Analysis on a Barred Owl by Richard Wilbur And The History Teacher by Billy Collins

The History Teacher” is told in third person point of view for the audience to conceive both sides of the result the teacher has caused by his choice of guidance. “A Barred Owl” is written in first person point of view to display the parents decision on soothing a frightened child; both poems present both sides of the outcomes the adults cause. Richard Wilbur and Billy Collins expose adults...

Words Left Unspoken

Cohen's writing style lights the fuse but there is no explosion because she tends to put it out with a depressing statement. She failed to present the main event of the story and sort of just left her hanging?. kind of like an unfinished business. What frustrates the reader is that the story is all about her deaf grandfather, yet the reader did not learn anything from the character. Cohen's melanc...

London by William Blake

William`s political views are clear throughout, his distrust of authority, and his hatred of the enslavement of society. He projects this through his dark imagery. His language throughout is morose and this sets the scene of a society ridden with poverty, working class people constantly being trod on by the ruling class. His social protest leaves the reader in do doubt that William detests the ine...

To Kill a Mockingbird

The mockingbird is compared to Boo Radley as at the end of the novel when he rescues the children from Bob Ewell, Heck Tate tries to convince Atticus that it was not Jem who stabbed Bob but Boo. Boo is extremely timid and frightened and thus, Heck sees no point in prosecuting him as it would bring him into the limelight and he would have to testify in front of many people. Heck feels that the dead...

Cyril Lionel Robert James

C. L. R. James made an argument that the revolt was a specific error, a total miscalculation of the constituent event, rather than just a moral weakness of Toussaint L’ouverature.  In this principle, James wanted to emphasize that due to the government’s lack of interest with the capitalist and land owners which are mostly Europeans, the necessitate to brought out series of Black Jacobins mov...

The Motorcycle Diaries

Experiences allow us to emotionally react to situations transforming our outlook of the wider world. Whereas McComb travels alone as a response to emotional pain, Guevara is able to reflect with his companion and share a sense of camaraderie with others. Wide Open Road captures an individual’s desperate flight in an attempt to make sense of an internal landscape, while The Motorcycle Diaries en...

Sense and Sensability

Austen has clearly portrayed the sisters as each theme; Marianne Dashwood has a personality that is evidently themed to be part of the sensibility movement, whereas Elinor retains herself in a way that appears neoclassical. Therefore it does not seem that Austen’s novel, Sense and Sensibility is based in 18th century or in the 19th century as Austen utilizes both neoclassicism and sensibility th...

Stop All The Clocks, Cut Off The Telephone

Death is a natural occurrence, but that knowledge does nothing to alleviate the pain of loss. It many ways, it hurts even more to think that your hardships and pain have been felt by billions before you; insignificance adds insult to injury. That is precisely why this poem works. The writer's seemingly effortless words mesh together to paint a picture: a perfect understanding of loss. The need for...

Eugene Ionesco's

Not only do Guil and Ros constantly repeat each other when they lack the originality or purpose to say something new, Stoppard takes lines directly from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and has Guil and Ros unknowingly change to Shakespearean English and speak Shakespeare’s words whenever they converse with other characters from Hamlet, for example when first meeting Claudius, they say “We both obey/ A...

Disguises Can Come In Many Forms

Wilkins was always a step before Crowder when he admits to Crowder that “Your money and ambition paved the way…but sentiment was the vital factor that sent me to you…I wanted to go home. ”(Bond 61) Wilkins is in reality an alien who longs to return to his planet but has no way of getting there. When he meets Crowder, he sees an opportunity to use the power hungry man into paying his way ba...

Methods Armitage and Duffy Use in Poetry

Using metaphorical language in these poems contributes to the exploration of change. By creating images it forms comparisons of what was and what is and shows the difference between them. It highlights the changes that have taken places and the speaker's view of them. Duffy and Armitage have different general styles in their writing techniques. Both use different themes, tones and forms. However i...

Banjo Paterson

In 1903 Banjo married Alice Walker in Tenterfield. Their first home together was in Queen Street, Woollahra. They had two children, they were named Grace and Hugh. Grace was born in 1904 and Hugh was born in 1906. During World War One Banjo sailed to Europe hoping for an appointment as war corespondent. Instead he was an ambulance driver to the Australian Voluntary Hospital in France. He was event...

Wise Judgment Scenario

Also having jobs and an established place is a big deal. They do not want to have the burden of having a baby and not having anyway of raising the baby. Also it says that he is encouraging her into having sex, and I think that this is a form of peer pressure and on his behalf is not fair. Younger teenage girls are very vulnerable when it comes to having a boyfriend interested in being with them. S...

Tennessee Williams

One of the great American playwright, Tennessee Williams, has produced some of the best works we will ever see. Even though his professional career only lasted 45 years, his works are still being used all over the world. Tennessee Williams was an important American playwright who tied in his personal life into his writings, and used women over men in his plays, and he compared his works to the oth...

The Lucky One - Alternate Ending

“Ben!” Beth cried as she fell to the ground. She held her ankle and stared at her son as if there was nothing for her to do. Keith knelt down beside her and examined it quickly. “Wait here.” Keith told Beth. The weather was getting worse by the minute. Ben was holding on for dear life and Thibault was nowhere in sight. Keith ran over to the bridge and hesitated once he seen that it was o...

Morning Walk

They were so proud. They each carried one end of the jack, and let it dangle between them. They soon headed north toward their den. I wanted to follow, but I thought about how I wouldn’t want a stranger looking through the window when I am eating. So I left them alone and went home. Strathmore is a place that is simple, but has some of the greatest beauties. Strathmore isn’t just about the wil...

Purpose of Anthem for a Doomed Youth

Whilst the men are dehumanized, the rifles, shells and other machines are personified and given human feelings such as “stuttering” and “demented” showing that the equipment of war meant more to the government than the men. Also, world war one was the first war to introduce industrial methods of warfare so the guns were seen as better and given more care than the men. When dehumanizing the...

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