Writer Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar “Allan” Poe’s was a writer, but there is so much that people don’t know about him. He was a writer, but he was also a critic, and a praised one at that. He went to a military academy, and he hated it so much that he did bad on purpose just to leave. But he had tragedies to. He lost all his close family. He lost his wife and had lots of debt. But even though Poe had many tragic events in his life, he was able to write incredibly.


Edgar “Allan” Poe was born in boston, massachusetts in 1809. During this time, the first train was invented and it was pulled by horses and James Madison was just elected as that fourth president. When Poe was three, three years old, both his mother and father had died of tuberculosis and was orphaned. He was adopted by a foster family, the Allans (This is where Poe got the Allan in Edgar “Allen “ Poe).

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When Poe was 20, his foster mother died of tuberculosis and he moved in with his aunt. He also went to the university of Virginia but fell into hard debt. His way of repaying his debt, he gambled his way into more debt and left the school and went to westpoint. During his time at his aunt’s house, he married his cousin, victoria clemens, when he was twenty four and she was thirteen. Six years later, Poe lost his brother due to alcoholism, and five years later his wife, victoria to tuberculosis.

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All of his troubles in his life had led to influence his writing. Poe was a literary critic generally and he was called the tomahawk man because of how harshly he criticized peoples books. When he wrote, he didn’t attract much attention when early even though they are very popular today. He is called the father of the modern detective story when he released “Murders in the Rue Morgue.” He gained a huge amount of popularity and started making money when he released “The Raven.” Four years later, after the release of “The Raven”, he was found outside a tavern drunk, ill or both and died in a delirium.

Poe life was not an easy one, but he managed through all his hardships, family deaths, debt, to write good stories that we still study today. He wrote macabre stories to mastery, he invented the detective story, and finally struck it big in the last for years of his life. He may have had a lac-luster life, but his legacy is more known than he could have ever dreamed.

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