How to Write a Travel Review?

After going on a trip or vacation, you can let others know about your experience by writing a travel review. Your review needs to be interesting while providing reliable information the reader can use to plan a vacation. Be direct when writing the review so the reader won’t have to try to guess if it was a good or bad experience. You don’t even have to be a professional travel writer to write a good travel review.

A good review starts while you’re on your trip.

Take along a notebook and pen so you can take notes on the things that capture your attention the most. Write down both the good and the bad experiences. This way, you can use your notes to write the travel review, instead of trying to remember everything when you return home.

What to Include in Your Travel Review

You want to reach out to the reader and grab their attention in the first paragraph and encourage them to continue reading.

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Let the reader know what the review is about by including where the trip took place. Explain that you are writing to let others know what to expect when traveling to the same destination. For example, if you are writing about seasonal travel, you might include holiday ideas in your review.

Next, you should talk about travel information. How did you arrive to your destination? If you flew and used a car rental service when you arrived, was it a good experience? If you drove to your destination, how was your trip? Did you run into roadwork that slowed you down? Where are the best places to stop for gas, food and so forth along the way? This is the type of information the reader needs to know.

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Now, describe your experience after reaching your destination. Talk about the hotel where you stayed. Was it clean and comfortable? Was the staff friendly and knowledgeable? Would you stay there again or look for a new hotel the next time you travel to the same location? Which restaurants did you use while on your trip? Was the service good? How was the food? Would you recommend it to others?

Travel reviews are designed to give the reader enough information to plan a fun and exciting trip for themselves. Add pictures of your trip to make it more interesting for the reader and to give them a better idea of what to expect. Pictures of the hotel and entertainment will make it easier for the reader to visualize being on the trip and this will help them decide if this is somewhere they would like to visit.

Give Details the Reader Can Use

Be honest when writing your travel review. Write about your holiday accommodation. Talk about what you liked the most. Which restaurant provided the best food and service, what type of entertainment did you find the most enjoyable? Overall, was it a good trip? If you had a negative experience, then write about it too but be fair when you do.

Explain why the experience was bad and what the other party did to try to make it right. For example, if your food was not cooked right or if you were brought a wrong order, did the restaurant do anything to try to correct the problem? If you simply did not like the food that you ordered this would not be the fault of the restaurant but if the food was not cooked properly, then they would be expected to correct the problem.

Provide links to the hotels, rental services, restaurants and places where the reader can go for entertainment in your travel review. This way, they can gather more information about the places and find out where they are located, prices, hours of operations and other information they will need to make their travel plans. A good travel review is a thorough travel review.

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How to Write a Travel Review?

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