Write a story that in some way involves eating Essay

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Write a story that in some way involves eating

“What will you do in your life! “, my mother exclaimed ferociously. I always knew the reason for her ghastly attitude towards me. It was my eating habits that created such stupendous fights between my angelic mother and me, but she was very compassionate and possessive about me. My affable friends in the neighbourhood, Matt and Mae, were remarkably kind to me. They helped me in every phase in which I was unable to muddle through. I had extremely appalling eating habits, which abridged my ability to deal with the everyday obstacles.

Back at school, in my grotty sixth grade were all abhorrent classmates who made my time at school egregious. I was an insignificant being amongst the mammoth and the rude. My presence or absence did not matter at all. I had no significance. I was incapable of performing any minute part in class. My burly classmates were ruthlessly aggressive towards me. They bullied me mercilessly. I was made the center of attraction everyday- they always did something that grasped the whole class’s attention towards me.

I was exhausted of being stuffed with embarrassment every atrocious day of school. The core of these repugnant acts was Harry. He had no respect for me, did things the way he preferred without considering other’s feelings. ‘Anorexic patient’, that’s right! This is what I was named. This used to erode my feelings day by day. Being the youngest in class, I preferred to be given some kind of respect. But all I received was smiling faces with deceptive intentions. Well I was used to this. Much of this was a result of my eating habits.

Food played a gigantic role in my troublesome life. But one day, I could not bear these bullying acts anymore. I had to take some decisive action to prevent myself from getting bullied. So I took a concrete decision of eating food properly and daily. I was very anxious to see my mother when she saw me eating like a sixth-grader. My mother bought several kinds of healthy eatables. Mae and Matt also supported me. I studied a chapter on nutrition in my Biology class, which further encouraged me to eat as I became aware of the effects of certain nutrients.

As I began to eat a balanced diet, I saw changes in me day by day. I felt more energetic and was able to face my troubles and cope up with strenuous activities, in which I never participated before. It was the beginning of seventh grade where I was respected as I should be. I had transformed enormously. My school life had taken a U-turn. I was considered as one of those bullies now. I felt that Harry had played a major role in my transformation. It was because of him that I was motivated to start eating. Now I completely believed in the saying ‘Everything happens for the better. ‘

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