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Write a discursive essay Essay

Emily. Victor collects dead corpses so that he can rebuild a human and bring it to life. Once he has succeeded he fully regrets it, as he has not created a human, he has created a monster! He then leaves Inglostadt to go home to Emily and his family, what victor didn’t know was that the monster was living in a barn, studying humans and learnt how to speak. The monster then kills two members of victors family in revenge, and then tells victor that if he creates him a wife, someone who is like him, then he will not kill him and all of his family, in fear of Emily’s life, he un-willingly agrees!

A week has passed and Emily is upstairs alone, Victor hears a scream from upstairs and runs up to see the problem. There he found that the monster had ripped out Emily’s heart, as he wanted it for his wife. Victor then rushes Emily to his laboratory, and slowly builds her together. Finally after a lot of hard work he switches on the power and she comes to life. Emily is un-aware of what she looks like, and it is then that the monster appears thanking victor for creating his wife. Emily then sees what she looks like and sets herself alight and jumps of the building, ending her second life! I found Frankenstein thrilling yet touching.

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In class we watched a film called the lost boys, which is about, a family that move to Santa Carlos, which happens to be swarming with vampires. One of the boys called Michael gets turned into a vampire, so they have to destroy the head vampire for Michael to return to normal. They suspect that the man called max, his mum id dating is the head vampire so they invited him round to test if he is a vampire by using all the traditional things such as: garlic, direct sunlight, holy water, if he has a reflection, etc… Max passed all of these test but they didn’t realise that these things do not affect a vampire if you invite him into your house.

They managed to get them to come to his house un-invited so that they could kill them, the first one they kill by staking it through the heart, the second one they kill by pushing him into a bath of holy water and garlic, the third was killed by being pushed back on spikes, which staked him through the heart. The fourth, which was thought to be the head vampire was electrocuted Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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