WPP’s Owner – A British Knight with Strategic Moves Essay

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WPP’s Owner – A British Knight with Strategic Moves

It is Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP Group which is one of the largest holding companies in advertising agency, who generally decides what kind of approach they will make to win clients and choose company which will they take up to include in the list of their subordinates.

II. Time Context
The case started in the spring of September 2004 when Samsung found out that they had spent $400 million in their advertising campaign. At that time when Martin Sorrell also found it out, he started to pursue to get the Samsung account. III. Problem Statement

The problem in this case is the motivation and persistency over competition of Martin Sorrell of WPP on how he will get the Samsung account. Before they had announced that the account was awarded to WPP, Sorrell go through hardships a couple of times. IV. Objectives of the Case

The objective in the part of Sorrell of WPP is to get only the account of Samsung where they can add it on their list of their subordinates that’s why he did everything to impressed people around advertising industry. But for me in the part of the case itself, the objective of it is to show how good motivation and persistency will bring you success. Like Sorrell, he didn’t stop bringing out the best in him just to get what he really wanted. V. Areas of Consideration

The strength of the case is that it has full information on how Sorrell manage to get companies with his persistent and witty personality. That he has all the ability to take chance of getting more and more company to work with them.

The weakness is that even WPP has the ability to get companies under their wing nonetheless the competition with other advertising agencies still exists.

The opportunity is that, when WPP acquired the account they are given the chance to prove them that they are capable of winning the account over other advertising agencies. Threat:
The threat would be the competitor which is the other 3 large holding companies. It is a threat for Sorrell even it doesn’t bad mouth the WPP.

VI. Alternative Course of Action

ACA1: Aside to Martin Sorrell, the WPP should have trained other people under their agency to present so that those others have the opportunity to lift their names and not only Sorrell.

ACA2: When Sorrell was starting to court Samsung he should have somehow tell strategies he uses in getting different accounts.

VII. Decision Matrix

Categories| ACA 1| ACA 2|
Public Relation| 2| 1|
Information| 2| 1|
Sales Marketing| 2| 1|
Popularity| 2| 1|
Work Demand| 2| 1|
| 10| 5|

VIII. Recommendation and Conclusion

I recommend using the Alternative Course of Action No.1 because the training
I endorsed for other employees will not only benefit themselves but also the whole company for their own development and success. Imagine if Sorrell is not already capable of endorsing their agency at least they have practiced earlier alternatives to solve the future problems they may encounter.

Therefore I conclude that in the advertising agency or others, success is not impossible if only you will do your best to reach your goals, discovering things beyond reality will help you more to accomplish triumph. As what was written in the latter part of the case “a knight may not wear armor, carry a crest or rescue themselves in distress” but executing proper attitude and hope triumph is really feasible.

IX. Course of Action

Time Frame| Person Responsible| Detailed Actions|
1990| Independent Advertising Agencies| It is when they choose to give up their own ad agency because of the economy and join large communication companies to survive in the industry.| 2004 | Sir Martin Sorrell| When Sir Martin continues to get other companies account despite of hardships he encountered just to stay on the top of the advertising industry. |

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